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Thread: Keto diet craze may lead to reduced bone health

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    Default Keto diet craze may lead to reduced bone health

    Definitely a scare campaign to make us eat a high carbohydrate diet.
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    They lost me at "circumstantial evidence"!
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    Three-and-a-half weeks later...………... is strong circumstantial evidence.

    I do not think so, I am with Catlover

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    The comments were interesting.
    My initial reaction was to ask for the evidence for the comment that carbs decrease inflammation. Doesn’t sound right to me.

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    +1 for all the above posts.

    for an n=1 on athletic performance look at Dr Shawn Baker. I know that the counter argument would be that he may no longer be classed as an elite athlete [if he ever was] however that classification might be made, but his athletic prowess is phenomenal [for his age].

    Perhaps the scientists should consider what other substances the elite athletes in question are ingesting/injecting before concluding that absence of carbs may be a problem. But anyway, as Christine said, the time scale of the data collection was simply not long enough. It is like a diet study which concluded that sugar was not harmful after 4 weeks but never went on to see how it looked after 50 years.
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    Here is a list of Shawn Bakers athletic records.

    I'll read RMs link when I'm ready to deal with the annoyance of rubbish studies...
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    It looks like those on the Keto diet only started it when the ‘study’ started, and it only lasted 3 weeks. Full Keto benefits and total fat adaptation are supposed to take 6 weeks to materialise. So I’m not surprised those athletes had more inflammation than the carb eaters.

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    A very good point, well made MrJDW.
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    Hi all
    Mr JDW is right - 3.5 weeks is nowhere near enough to fat adapt.

    Phinney and Volek - the experts in fat adaptation - would be impressed if elite athletes became fat adapted in 4-6 weeks minimum. There will be issues in the very short term when athletes aren't getting easy (carb) energy and before they become fat adapted.

    One of the authors - Louise Burke - debates Steve Phinney and she is so anti-keto she should be taken off any keto study for being incapable of proper research! Other authors may be similarly biased. Burke will know that 3.5 weeks is probably the worst time period to pick!

    If I were doing keto, this study would not worry me at all!

    Very best wishes - Zoe
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