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Thread: Natamycin antibiotic used in some cheeses as a preservative

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    Default Natamycin antibiotic used in some cheeses as a preservative

    Hi just want to flag this to you guys as, first because I was surprised that this is a thing, and second I believe I had a severe allergic reaction to it.

    The cheese I ate was from Waitrose, & was a mix of cow, ewe & goats milk, all of which I've eaten before without any problems. Unfortunately I ate the cheese rind, that's marked as not suitable for vegetarians because it contains natamycin - which I assumed was just another form of gelatin.

    Natamycin is in fact an antibiotic. It is used as a preservative typically in cheese rinds. It has apparently been banned by a company called Whole Foods, reason not stated; but I can't find anything else about confirmed allergic reactions.

    I am allergic to penicillin - but as far as I can figure natamycin is unrelated to penicillin.


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    Yikes!! - That is pretty scary!
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    Apparently “ is an effective natural food preservative for preventing yeast and mold growth. For nearly 50 years it has been safely used around the world to protect a wide variety of foods and beverages from spoilage, including dairy products, cured meats, baked goods and fruit juice”

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    This might be of interest.
    I must admit, I've never seen it listed as an ingredient.
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    Interesting - I am not aware of having seen that as an ingredient, wonder if it's lurking behind an number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grumbleweed View Post
    This might be of interest.
    I must admit, I've never seen it listed as an ingredient.
    Thanks GW that was interesting.

    Diane789, thank you for the heads up. You must have had a very scary experience. I hope you are fully recovered now.
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    I occasionally eat the rind off cheese or put it into soup e.g. cauliflower

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    Yes I'm fine thanks :-)

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    Thanks, Soupee - you found its E name, and supplied a link.

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