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Thread: Another study in mice - but interesting and may well have tranferable mechanisms

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    Default Another study in mice - but interesting and may well have tranferable mechanisms

    This is an interesting one [well obviously, I thought so] looking at cytokine storms and influenza which might also explain why some people are so devastated by Covid-19 and others have a bit of a cough for a couple of days.
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    That is interesting Gilli, I can't quite work out what it's telling me though. Do I understand correctly that it's not so much don't consume glucose when you're ill, more don't consume too much sugar chronically so you end up in a place where your metabolism of it is dysfunctional - those who have done the latter are more likely to end up with a cytokine storm going on. Is that what you got from it?

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    I took it to say that you don't want to be diabetic, pre-diabetic or arguably hyperinsulinaemic. If your blood sugar regulation is poor you are more likely to suffer a cytokine storm. But, I did think that perhaps we should be wary of both things MrJDW.

    This bit of the article seems to deal with that -
    For influenza and COVID-19, “mortality rate is definitely higher in patients with diabetes” says Wen. But, he adds, the explanation for this may be more complicated than simply an abundance of glucose providing fuel to the inflammatory fire. It’s more likely to do with how glucose metabolism is dysregulated in such people, he says.
    I have also wondered whether when a patient is admitted to intensive care and is unable to eat for themselves whether they have contemplated not just putting up the usual glucose and saline drip. A saline drip to keep them hydrated, for sure, but perhaps let them fast if they are already on the tubby side because perhaps running on their own ketones would be beneficial. That, of course, was not dealt with in the article itself.
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    . . . and there was also this article which says similar things which I think Ted posted the other day.
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    Oh I can’t see them going along with that Gilli. Probably be accused of cruelty.


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