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Thread: Concerning news about food standards.

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    And ready meals... frequently made with Asian reared meat, which has similar issues.

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    Thanks all. As Gilli says it will be ok for those of us who get our meat etc from good quality butchers and such like but overall it will likely affect the less well off. Very disappointed but not surprised by all of this.

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    I think the politicians and law makers have a really difficult job to do with issues like this, and I am grateful not to be in their shoes.

    Being a middle-class woman with an interest in food, well-being and the underlying science I have some pretty firm opinions about what might be good for people and what might not. In a democracy, however, it would not be right for my opinions to be given any more weight than the opinions of the less well educated single mother of five living in social housing. She will want to make sure that she can put food on the table every day for those growing kids and if that means buying cheap imported meat with a lower welfare standard that is what she will prefer. I might believe that her children and the planet would benefit from something better but she would tell me to mind my own business.

    The law makers have to consider how she would react to being told that meat has become a luxury she can no longer afford when drafting a bill.
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