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Thread: High HDL a Heart Attack Risk?

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    Default High HDL a Heart Attack Risk?

    Just read this very short, not in depth article regarding HDL. Answering a readers query, the DM doctor states that new research shows that levels above 1.4 are high risk.
    Googling gives me conflicting information.
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    Whoops - my HDL is 3.9. Am I worried - NO.
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    So the "good" cholesterol is now "bad" cholesterol.

    I'm screwed.

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    Damn that good C27H46O and bad C27H46O
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat View Post
    Damn that good C27H46O and bad C27H46O

    LDL = low density lipoprotein
    HDL = high density lipoprotein

    Lipoprotein = transport mechanism for C27H460 taking it to any place in the body where it is needed.

    The very idea that you can have a bad bus and a good bus, a bad taxi and a good taxi etc etc makes my logic circuits overload.
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