Just had an invite from the World Obesity Federation/SCOPE to subscribe to their online conference later this month looking at obesity and cardiovascular disease. Two UK medical people involved as well as others world wide. One is particularly interested in insulin resistance. Canít make up my mind whether it would be a waste of time and money or not.

Been wondering how many membersí family doctors have asked how you have lost weight? A while back UK doctors were told to tell their patients they were overweight. Think they were expected to refer to the eat badly plate. My GP showed me a plate with green veg and a lovely pork chop with plenty of fat on it. (Part of an advert from a company producing drugs to avoid fat absorption. Would have been ok otherwise). Iíve been asking medical people how to loose weight with varying results. Some acknowledged they needed to loose a few pounds (alias stones). One professor I met recently (BMI 22 I would guess, wondered if he was type 1 diabetic), subscribes to the CICO theory and thinks obesity is a matter of the mind. I think thatís only part of the cause. At least he is not directly blaming laziness and greed.

By the by I can remember in about 1963 a mum attached to my mumís church took her toddler to her GP because she felt he ways under weight. ďNoĒ was the doctors reply, ďall the other children you are comparing him with are fatĒ.