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Thread: Tim Spector article

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    True Sarah, we do not eat sufficient of the beasts we kill to have meat on the plate. I have great difficulty buying fresh herring roe or offal, to much goes into pet food.

    I asked why two branches of Tesco had stopped selling lamb's kidneys and breast of lamb, it turns out to be down to the branch managers. So I am thinking if you have young managers who are not use to eating such items, then they are unlikely to be sold.

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    I don’t go to Tesco etc very much, always amazed me when younger checkout staff had to ask what things such as runner beans were. Maybe that’s why they all come in packets now. Even my butcher had no oxtail last time I went in. I hate wasting food, almost obsessive about it, but I do struggle with fat and offal, can’t bear either! Chicken liver excepted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2nd_Alto View Post
    I'm wondering if coffee and tea can count towards my 30?
    If herbs and spices do, then why wouldn’t they count?

    I count 34 plants eaten since January (if you include different types of cabbage...)
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