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Thread: We see Eur true colours shining through...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilli View Post
    I have read recently that New Scientist is now owned by the Daily Mail group. I might have to check on that before I consider buying it again.

    I have yet to see any downsides to leaving . . . , but that may be confirmation bias because I have not been looking for any.
    Yikes Gilli! We've been subscribers to NS since 1975! Wonder if some of the science will rub off on to the DM?
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    I guess this is the same issue as the controversy a few weeks back - the EU's contract mentions 'best reasonable efforts' on the part of AZ which is presumably a different basis from that on which the Australian government negotiated.

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    Sorry to bang on a bit, but as a lawyer in the jurisdiction of England and Wales this was one of my most intense issues with remaining within the European Union.

    The law of E&W is a Common Law jurisdiction in which the judges decide (as part of an adversarial process) what effect the law has on any given situation capable of being litigated or reviewed. One overriding principle has always been that we can do anything which is not specifically forbidden, which I believe confers a considerable degree of freedom on us.

    The European Union has a Roman Law Jurisdiction which is fundamentally opposed to our Common Law system. Under the EU legal regime, there is a concept called Purposive Interpretation which means that there is no need to examine what a law, or indeed a contract, actually says. The judges, and to some extent the unelected bureaucrats, have the power to interpret the law or the contract as saying something which they either intended it to say at the time of drafting or worse still rather wish that they had intended it to say with 20:20 hindsight. So it does not matter what it said it only matters what they wished it had said . . .

    Do I need to go on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2nd_Alto View Post
    But I don't see why WE have to suffer, they were (or still are) OUR AZ vaccinations. We don't have any arguments with either you or the EU.

    Now if it was China.... they are really snitty with us.
    Welcome to dealing with the EU! - Stuff like this was one of the reasons people wanted to sever ties!
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