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Thread: First Time Visitors, please read this

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    Hi I have got my Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight book and reading it with great interest. My plan is to start phase 1 tomorrow, have gone shopping and got in all the right foods. Forgot to buy olive oil though so just wanted to check if coconut oil is ok as it is a pure fat but it isn't mentioned in the book. Also coconut oil as I understand has loads of health benefits so would like to incorporate it into my diet but am happy to wait until later phases if necessary? I have also got butter and avocado oil in the fridge/cupboard. To do the bacon and egg breakfast does it matter whether I fry using the coconut oil, avocado oil or butter? Sorry one more thing, I am a type 1 diabetic and have done Atkins/low carb previously with fantastic results so am used to working out my insulin requirements to suit the low levels of carbs but am interested if there are any other type 1s on here doing this? I know that lots of type 2s get great results. I did notice previous poster Peter who said he is a type 1 and someone replied telling him to check with his doctor first. I would just give my experience of the medic viewpoint when I told them I was doing low carb before and the negative reactions and all trying to convince you that you can't possibly survive without carbs etc. In the end my consultant just shrugged "if you feel ok doing it then I suppose it's ok". My main observation is that I was able to drastically reduce my insulin dose and that has got to be a great thing. It's always baffled me why they tell someone who has a sugar problem to eat carbs and then cover it with ever increasing insulin injections. Seems crazy. Thanks x

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    Coconut oil is absolutely fine. People are nuts about it on here! Lol. I don't know too much about Type 1 but Zoe's brother had Type 1 and that is what triggered her interest in the subject. I would have thought the same applies as Type 2.
    Yes we are baffled by the advice given about carbs. My OH was told to go on very low carb when he was first diagnosed with Type 2 then after 2 weeks and huge results they said he could eat carbs now, and put him metformin. Anyway we went along with what they said because he doesn't,t have weight issues, and was losing too much! Now he is a star as far as the nurses are concerned, because I monitor his carb intake closely. And nurse explained last time we saw her that usually as patients get older they need to increase the metformin, but with him they don't need to.

    Welcome to the forum. Look forward to hearing your results.

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    I am still new to THD and get into muddles, but the forums have been very helpful.
    I started on 17th July after returning from holiday. I was 15st 5lb. In Phase 1, I lost 6 lb. since then I have lost another 5 lb on Phase 2, so I am 14st 8lb now. 11 lb in all. Is this ok?

    The pain in my knees has reduced and I feel much, much better. I sleep like a log, except when it is toooooooo hot.
    I've kept away from carb meals, so I am eating meat, veg, salad and odd piece of fruit as a snack. I don't really feel hungry. If anything the cravings have gone.

    I am still suffering with thrush and the odd incident of constitpation. So I raised the liquid intake and more natural live yoghurt and it seems to be improving.

    My husband has joined me on THD, as he had developed a belly. He had terrible headaches the first week - caffine withdrawal i expect. But now he has lost 13 lb altogether and you can start to see a difference. He is pleased.

    Is there anything else we can improve?
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    Welcome on board Tiggy! It looks like you and hubster are doing extremely well. Congratulations on such awesome results. Stick with what you're doing - all is great!
    "Whatever we are, whatever we make of ourselves, is all we will ever have - and that, in its profound simplicity, is the meaning of life." Philip Appleman

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    So many gifts from THD. Congratulations. It's great to read such a joyful post.
    The secret of getting ahead is getting started

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    Welcome to the forums!
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    It sounds like you're both doing really well already, just keep up the good work would be my advice!

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    Day 15

    I have not had any NYL as I cannot STAND Yogurt have tried force feeding and simply gag. Could this by why I am bloated and uncomfortable?

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    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for the warm wishes and praise.

    Just thought you would like to know i am slowly working through the recipes - love the chessy cod and burgers!
    I'm trying to persuade hubby to try the buttery coffee, but he is not keen!
    I've had to buy new glasses to read the labels!
    I'll keep you posted

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    [QUOTE=LastChanceLesley;198567]Day 15

    I have not had any NYL as I cannot STAND Yogurt have tried force feeding and simply gag. Could this by why I am bloated and uncomfortable?[/QUOTE]

    Lesley, have you tried Total greek yoghurt? It's much milder, less sour & more creamy tasting than all the other natural yoghurts I've had. Before THD I couldn't eat NLY without gagging, but I found Total tolerable and after a while I found it sweet and creamy, and now I've lost my super sweet tooth I enjoy all Natural live yoghurts


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