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    Hi folks, I would really appreciate a little advise. I've done stage one and found it really easy with great results , I'm at the end of my first week on stage 2. My problem is every time I've tried a carb meal I've been really unwell. Last night I had plain jacket potato with salad and I spent most of my morning in the toilet. Should I avoid all carbs, I'm a bit frightened to try anymore. I'd be really interested to know anyone else who has had the same reaction. On a brighten note I've lost just over 1 stone. Happy days. Thanks Emma.

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    Yes you will probably find that something like JP would lay heavy on the stomach. Probably best to just avoid until later.

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    Welcome to the forum, over a stone is amazing, well done.

    When you say carb meals make you ill, what have you tried and what reactions have you had ? It's unusual to have the same reaction to different types of carbs. Potatoes can be a problem for some people.
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    I can't do potatoes - it could be that you are intolerant to the 'nightshade' family of foods - it is surprisingly common.

    Well done for your great start - you are doing brilliantly. Try to only introduce one thing at a time - but i dont' tend to bother with carb meals, as fat meals are sooo much tastier!!

    Agree with HTC - what have you tried to introduce so far?

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    When I did an elimination diet years ago for my IBS one of the things that was a common problem was potato skin, apparently there is more fibre in the skin than the rest of the potato so can cause problems, I have known people have problems with apples as well. Maybe just try the potato no skin?

    Good luck

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    Thanks so much for your replies, so far I've only tried potatoes and rice noodles. Both times I've had diarrhoea. I think for the time being I'm going to avoid. I'm still getting my head round it all, but it good to know I'm not the only one. Thanks again folks. Emma


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