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    [QUOTE=busygirl;229171]Hi, menu looks good except rice is a carb and u can't mix a fat with a carb. Fat have eyes and carbs don't.
    Please correct me if him wrong someone!!![/QUOTE]

    You are allowed to have 50g of brown rice a day on phase 1 so mixing is allowed for those five days. Once you move to phase 2 that's where mixing is not allowed.

    Clare xx "When life gives you lemons, make salad dressing"

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    Thanks for clarifying. Does that mean u can have beans as well with fat meals?

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    Also on phase 2 you are allowed as much beans and rice am I correct?

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    *Thanks for clarifying. Does that mean u can have beans as well with fat meals?*

    No, the only time you can mix fat and carb meals is during Phase 1, beans are not allowed on Phase 1.

    *Also on phase 2 you are allowed as much beans and rice am I correct?*

    Beans (not baked beans) and rice are fine for Phase 2 carb meals.

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    Just started today, so far so good feel good, had porridge as my healthy shop is coming tomorrow and all I had in the cupboard - handy. I found I was really hungry by lunchtime at 12. soup homemade and then homemade chicken curry yum. on orange and lemon teas from asda which are refreshing. oh and munnched on a bit of carrot and a tiny bit of chicken. Written myself some notes on my notice board, for week moments for alternatives.

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    Welcome to the forum
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    Hi, I'm new to the forum.

    I'm on day 4 of Phase 1. I felt shocking for the first 3 days but don't feel too bad today. I had a sneaky peek on the scales this morning in an effort to cheer myself up and I've lost 6lbs! Motivated me to continue!

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    Katisha that's great!!!!Keep it up.

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    Thanks busygirl! I do have a good 7 stone to lose but I'm feeling quite positive at the moment. Treating myself to a nice steak and salad for tea.


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