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Thread: First Time Visitors, please read this

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    Welcome to the forum, great start.
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    Default Which are the best books to start with?

    I'm very new to this! I was on the nhs website looking at symptoms, which lead me to candida, then to here! I'm so glad it did! Everything I've read makes so much sense that I want to get started straight away. One problem, I haven't read any of the books. Which is the best one to start with please?

    I have fibromyalgia and ME, my daughter has ME, we are both on a gluten free diet as I know I feel better without it and don't like the side effects of it. With my daughter I noticed similar tummy problems so changed her to g/free and the ME is greatly improved. She has been back at school full time since January. I can also see the sugar/carb monster in my hubby. I think this way of eating is going to make so much difference, that I can't wait to get us all started!

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    Hello, i'm new to the forum (as of 2 days ago)
    i did 5 days of phase 1 and lost 4lb
    yesterday i tried posting a question, i know it's moderated ... but i still don't see it (on the other hand, i find the format of the forum a little bit complicated to navigate ....), so i'm still wondering about it ....

    my question was about baking, i didn't think before adding an egg (yoke included) in oats + mashed banana + apple sauce and baked muffins using these ingredients (and baking powder) and i wanted to know if it is considered "mixing" (even if it's only about 5 g of fat beween 11 muffins ... I had four of these for lunch - together with steamed veggies flavored with tarragon- and am still wondering
    - will it stop me loosing weight (even if it's only 1 to 2 g of fat )
    - next time, is it ok to bake with 2 egg whites instead ?
    many thanks in advance to whoever could answer my query


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