Heart attack rate rising for women

This is a really interesting development. The heart attack rate in women is rising.

A study of 8,000 people between 1988 – 1994 and then 1999-2004 showed that 2.5% of men and 0.7% of women experienced a heart attack in the first period and 2.2% of men and 1% of women had a heart attack in the second period.

One of the reasons why I find the heart disease difference between men and women so interesting is that women have higher cholesterol levels. So, high cholesterol is supposed to cause heart disease and women have higher cholesterol levels and suffer approximately 300% less heart disease than men!

Those who will believe that cholesterol causes heart disease until pigs fly will say that women have some kind of protection going on. And presumably Switzerland (with one of the highest cholesterol levels in the world and lowest heart disease levels in the world) also has some kind of special protection. The poor Aboriginals (with the highest heart disease levels in the world and one of the lowest cholesterol levels in the world) don’t have any magic protection going on and we could list example after example of genders, countries, groups of people who disprove the cholesterol/heart disease hypothesis (because that is all it is – a hypothesis) .

There are scientists who believe that just one exception (let alone numerous exceptions) disprove(s) a theory and there are those that believe a theory is great so long as there are a few examples that seem to support it. I know which camp I am in. Plus, even when people in the latter group observe a study where cholesterol and heart disease do have some kind of association – this is still just an ASSOCIATION. No causation has been proved. See my video on does bathing cause singing?! Of course it doesn’t…


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