Somewhere in the British Isles people are fit not fat

Andy and I have just returned from a weekend in Jersey - seeing some friends from our village in Wales who moved to the island 18 months ago. We all went to collect their children (aged 6 and 7) from school at 3pm on Friday and I was watching all these fabulously energetic little people running to greet their parents before it suddenly struck me - none of them were overweight, let alone obese. I looked around at the parents - all yummy fit looking mums or hunky fit looking dads - literally no exceptions. They also looked tanned and relaxed - none of the pale, stressed skin we used to see with parents if we ever collected our friends' children from their Welsh school.

On alert, I looked at everything I could see out of the window as we drove through town and countryside areas across the island on the trip home. I didn't spot a single takeaway or newsagent and I could count the number of overweight people on one hand. I then realised Jersey is a fascinating social experiment - it is a corner of the British Isles in a time warp. The people of Jersey live like we used to live before we had an obesity epidemic...


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