Three observations from the open week

Three observations from the open week

We had a thoroughly enjoyable open week in the week commencing 22 October and opened up a private forum between the hours of 7-8pm Monday to Thursday - it was more of a 6.30-8.30 session as we had so many interesting and intelligent questions. Thank you for all your interactions and we hope that three things that we observed during the week may be of interest:

1) Do you need to experiment?

We had an interesting question about a fat fast ( and we quite often see questions in the club about trying something that, to us, seems quite extreme.

We know that we have some awesome experimenters in the club (Mat and Lizzi being the male and female pioneers respectively!) However, both of these are where they want to be and can afford to experiment.

The first observation therefore would be - be cautious about experimenting if you can't afford to.


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