Peggy interview with Lauren about averting weight loss surgery and finding The Harcombe Diet

How The Harcombe Diet saved Lauren from imminent weight loss surgery

(by Peggy)
As a child, Lauren was encouraged to eat more by her parents because they thought she was too thin. They kept feeding her processed, sugar-laden foods and by the time she reached puberty she had become quite “chunky”, with a strong addiction to the very foods she was being fed.

Her parents now tried to get her to eat less, and they shamed her when she kept on eating. This led her to sneak-eating and binging behaviors, and she developed what she now knows was a serious eating disorder.

When I met Lauren, she was 59 years old and only three weeks away from undergoing Gastric Sleeve surgery, which would drastically reduce the size of her stomach.

Several years earlier, Lauren was able to lose about 90lbs (6 ½ st; 41kg) through diligently eating better and doing regular, gentle exercise. She got down to 217lbs from 309lbs (15 ½ stone from 22 stone; 98 ½ kg from 140kg) over a two-year period. She felt really good about herself even though she still had more to lose. Lauren is 5ft 6” tall.

It was around that time when she found herself in a family crisis. Both of her parents became gravely ill and as a result of her involvement with their care, she completely lost her way with her healthy habits. Her weight soared to 298lbs (21 st; 135kg) and she says she became “jiggly-fat” instead of her previous solid, muscular fat. She would binge-eat thousands of calories at night. And this all happened around the onset of menopause.

Out of sheer despondency, and a failure to break out of her junk food rut, she spent an entire year exploring weight loss surgery options, seeing dieticians and psychologists who evaluated her as a possible candidate. The head surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston recommended that Lauren wait until a new clinic opened that could do the Gastric Sleeve procedure, as this was deemed the most suitable for her. Time passed while she waited for a chance to be properly vetted for the Gastric Sleeve, and then, once again, she had to go through yet another year-long, pre-operative program where they told her to eat less, and more often, and to eat lots of protein. She lost around 25lbs (1st 11; 11kg) by the time her surgical date was imminent, and this was more than enough to qualify her to proceed. But a few important reservations began to take hold in her mind about going ahead with this:

• She wanted stitches, but they were going to use metal.

• She wanted to bank her own blood in the event she might need it, but they wouldn’t accommodate her request.

• During the last round of tests before the surgery, they found she had Barrett’s Esophagus, a gastric reflux condition that began to affect the cells of her esophagus, which were now at high risk of becoming pre-cancerous.

Barrett’s Esophagus is contraindicated for Gastric Sleeve surgery, but a Gastric Bypass would entirely eliminate the Barrett’s Esophagus. Lauren never wanted the maiming Gastric Bypass surgery, so she found herself at a loss as to what to do.

As luck would have it, this is precisely the time when I first met her, and introduced her to The Harcombe Diet.

At this point, she was willing to try anything. She told me she’d try it for 3 weeks, which was the amount of time she had before her surgical date.

Now, 3 months later and still on The Harcombe Diet, having cancelled her surgery, she had lost 40lbs (2st 12; 18kg). She went from 380lbs (27st; 172kg) to 340lbs (24st 4; 154kg) and felt smaller than she did when she weighed 320lbs (22st 12; 145kg) years earlier when she had lost those 90lbs (6 ½ st; 41kg) through diet and exercise. She says that this time she kept her muscle and lost the fat, which resulted in her feeling more toned and solid, and less “jiggly”. And all this without forcing herself to exercise. In fact, she says she finds it easy and enjoyable to exercise now. She’s nourished, and burning body fat, and is full of energy!

Having tried every diet plan out there, she says The Harcombe Diet is by far the easiest and most enjoyable program she’s ever encountered.

Have a listen to Lauren’s story, in her own words, in this very open, honest and revealing interview to which she so graciously submitted.

I hope Lauren’s story will reach those of you who may be considering weight loss surgery for yourselves, and will encourage you to try real food instead, to bring your body back to its natural weight while optimizing your health.

Happy listening!

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You can download a transcript of this interview here…

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