10 reasons why men do better at weight loss than women!

10 reasons why men do better at weight loss than women!

Many thanks to Hattie for the suggestion for this article. Since the launch of The Harcombe Diet for Men late in 2011 and especially since the feature on the men's book on Steve Wright in the afternoon in May 2012, we have had many men try The Harcombe Diet and they are doing extremely well - sometimes to the frustration of women.

Are there differences in the way that men and women approach weight loss? Why is it that men are doing so well and is there anything that we women can learn from this?

I picked the brains of some of our male success stories, including Andy, and these were the 10 factors that they came up with (in no particular order - typical men!). Some of the points are particularly relevant to The Harcombe Diet and some applicable to dieting in general...

1) Intuitively The Harcombe Diet makes sense to men.

Men don't have something else to overcome to accept the idea that it's not about calories. Most men never bought into the calorie thing anyway (Men's Health readers aside ha ha) and certainly didn't count calories to Gold medal level, as most women dieters have done at some time. They therefore don't have the calorie indoctrination to overcome. They embrace fat more easily and so feel more satiated and healthier. They don't try to eat less and conversely they don't have times when they eat more. As a generalisation, men eat more normally than women throughout their life.


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