Review of the Literature – Part 1 of Zoë’s testimony at the Noakes hearing

When Zoë finally took the stand at the Noakes hearing the cameraman (Glenn) had gone home for the day (he was only filming testimony, not cross examination). It was 3pm on Friday 21st October when Zoë was called to start giving evidence. Professor Tim Noakes had been under cross examination for the best part of four days, so it was somewhat unexpected for Zoë to get sworn in before the weekend. Glenn asked if we could possibly re-do the first section of Zoë's testimony, so that he has a complete record for The Noakes Foundation. We filmed it yesterday (24/11/2016) and thought that you may enjoy it in the club, so here it is. It covers the review of the literature from Zoë's PhD - how did we even come to believe that heart disease, dietary fat and cholesterol (dietary or blood cholesterol) were connected...


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