Can the F-Plan diet save Australia $ billions?

Does anyone remember the F-Plan diet from the 1980s? The idea was that you ate as much fibre as possible and the world fell out of one’s bottom!

Press releases from Australia last week seemed to suggest that the F-plan diet is now being heralded as a possible prevention programme for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes (T2D). One press release was called “Increasing Australia’s grain fibre intake could save the economy $3.3 billion a year”. The official government press release said “Tackle chronic disease by eating more fibre“.

These headlines came from a report commissioned by Kellogg’s! A company that would no doubt like Australians to eat more cereal.

The full dissection is below and I should caution that it’s a bit longer than normal this week and it may seem a bit detailed. That’s why I’ve done this headline note for all club members. I know some of you like the Full Monty, but many just want to know the gist of what the rascals have done, so that you can bat down the daft comment you get about “ooh – didn’t you see that study about fibre – you don’t eat enough fibre.” etc


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