One thought on “Zoe debunks Gamechangers movie at the CrossFit Health

  • 29th May 2020 at 1:10 pm

    My brother recommended this to my mum, who passed it on to me

    After 5 minutes I thought this is total rubbish, but, in deference to her, I watched the whole thing

    After watching it I had to fight the overwhelming desire to launch into a chicken kebab

    There’s a reason we eat the way we do, we evolved to eat that way

    A ruminant’s gut is different, cows have 4 stomachs and their intestines are longer allowing them to digest the plants they eat, ours aren’t, they’re designed to digest meat and vegetables. We’re not deisgned to be either totally vegetarian or vegan. It’s against nature and is only there to profit large corporations

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