About The Harcombe Diet Club.

This club was set up for friends and fans of The Harcombe Diet®, for people interested in finding out more about the diet and for people who are looking to develop a healthier lifestyle.

The club is owned and run by its founders, Zoë and Andy Harcombe, who are active in supporting members. Sign up now and get instant access to all the club forums and resources. Every membership includes:

Friendly and supportive forums Instant access to all articles (now over 1,000)
Video courses Zoë’s weekly newsletter
Private ‘Ask Zoë’ forum Monthly live Q&A

NEW! Lifestyle plan – included with every new membership

Sometimes, we all need a little help to get us back to basics, which is why we built our lifestyle plan – new for 2020.

As well as covering the basics of The Harcombe Diet and common questions when dieting: To weigh or not to weigh?; Beating cravings; Overcoming the ‘sod-it mentality’; and how to break daily habits; we take a look at the lifestyle influences that derail us from time-to-time: Eating out; travelling; social events; dealing with office feeders, sugar pushers and more.

We also take a look at eating for active lifestyles, why do we sometimes gain so much overnight, tackling the afternoon slump and changing your work style.

All of this, plus great support from The Harcombe Diet Club community and frequent Live Q&A sessions with Zoe and Andy.

There has never been a better time to join and every membership gives you full access to all the club resources plus enrolment in our Lifestyle plan.

Become a Club Member

From less than £1 per week, this is the best value diet club membership we have ever seen. For barely half the price of a coffee, this will give you instant access to: all the club forums, including the private ‘Ask Zoë’ forum; access to over 1,000 articles, videos, newsletters, podcasts and recipes plus MyLocker, our own food nutritional analysis tool.

It’s far more than just a forum

Getting the support you need while following a diet is known to significantly increase your chances of success and our vibrant and friendly community is full of expert helpers.

But it’s not just support that you get in our club. There is a wealth of knowledge covering a range of diet and health topics too.

Every week you’ll get a newsletter from Zoë to extend your knowledge and there are hundreds of newsletter and article back-issues to enjoy too.

And if you have a question that you’d like to ask Zoë directly, you can do that too, in the members private area.

Or come along to one of our Live Q&A sessions, where you can ask a question to Zoe or Andy, live, direct and in private, all in the members forum.

If you just want to get started…

We have a fabulous new program starting on January 1st that will walk you through the diet and help you with lifestyle changes to help keep you on-track.

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