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  • What is hummus? What is that classed as?

    Hummus is the Arabic word for chickpea, so this is the main ingredient in Hummus. Chickpeas are carbs, but Hummus is often made in a base of (olive) oil, so it also has a measurable fat content. In 100g of Hummus there are 20g of carbohydrate and 9g of fat.

    Think of Hummus as a carb meal, therefore, but don’t have ‘lashings’ of it with lots of brown bread, for example, or the fat content will start to add up. A good carb meal would be wholemeal pita bread stuffed with grated carrot, salad leaves, pepper slices and Hummus.

    Hummus is full of protein and nutrients, so it is a healthy food. There are 5g of protein in 100g of Hummus – so this is a good source of protein for vegetarians.
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