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    Friends engagement party last night so celebrated lots. Outcome is v hungover and craving everything!!! Had a fry up for brekkie and lunch hoping that would help but no.. Need some advice on what to eat for dinner rather than ordering a pizza which is what I really want!!!

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    Lots of water followed by a big eggie omelette, cooked in butter.
    Take a paracetamol if the headache is still killing you.
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    Thanks Andy but had so much egg today not sure I can stomach any more. No headache just bit shaky and rough but really want to eat so much junk never had this many cravings! Might order an Indian but without the rice and stuff as that will feel like cheating ;0)

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    Usually to cure a hangover you need something sweet and something salty - thats why my hangover cure of choice used to be a packet of blue doritos and a can of orange fanta! Not anymore though - the fry up is a good start as the bacon would take care of the salt part, and perhaps fruit for the sugar. They'd have to be eaten a few hours apart though to make sure you're not mixing.

    Hope you're feeling better today!

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    My hangovers last nowhere near as long now I dont feed them with carbs. Can be tricky first thing but then they usually suddenly go about lunchtime after the bacon and eggs have digested. They used to last all day when fed with stodge and sugar!


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