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Thread: Calling all seasoned gardeners out there - advice needed!

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    Default Calling all seasoned gardeners out there - advice needed!

    Hi there,

    I've had a fair amount of trouble growing veggies in the past years in my garden. I seem to be okay to grow herbs and these thrive pretty well. Potatoes I can grow fairly well too, as with garlic. I do have a lot of trouble growing

    courgettes - they get a nasty soggy slimy end
    tomtatoes - had a good glut two years back but last year they got some disease or other and I didn't get even one!
    peppers - I harvest the seeds from the peppers I buy at morrisons and once I've planted them I can't even get them to come up from seed
    strawberries - we have about 15 plants but only got 3 strawbs last year! I don't understand!

    Is there a special way to grow these plants? I just put them in composted soil and water them in mostly direct sunlight... and well, not luck yet. I'd like to start growing these this year so I really need some advice. oh, and I grow them in large square pots.



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    Hello Leo,

    I’m no no expert but do like to grow my own vegetables.

    The courgettes; are they resting on the soil when they are maturing? I keep my eye on them when they start to grow and try to prop them on a stalk so they don’t touch the soil, this may be the problem but I’m not 100% sure.

    I grow my tomatoes from seed and start them off in the house on windowsills very early spring, then I put them my greenhouse unheated to harden off. I grow some in the greenhouse and some in the garden and I find the garden ones are really hardy and tasty. I like the Marmand variety. Unfortunately if they get a disease then you can’t really do anything about it and will probably loose them. I think the trick is not to over water unless it’s really hot or dry and feed them.
    I grow the ones in the greenhouse in huge troughs with compost.

    Most of my other veg are in raised beds.

    I’ve had varying degrees of success with peppers and I too have saved the seeds from the supermarket - which can be very hit and miss. They need a long growing season so they can ripen well, they hate sitting in water.

    The year before last my strawberries were a total disaster and so I didn’t grow any last year.

    I have great success with garlic, onions and leeks but find it impossible to grow broccoli and cauliflower, which I adore, they always bolt.

    I’ve got some celeriac still in the ground, they are quite small and I’m hoping they will grow bigger the longer I leave them in.

    Some advice about your seeds, make sure you have stored them well if you are using seeds from previous seasons, damp or old seeds don’t work. Also the soil needs some nutrients putting back in each year after our first season.

    Hope I haven’t told you everything you already know.

    I can’t wait to see what advice comes in.

    Good luck and happy growing.

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    Thanks so much, this advice is good. I'll give it a go!

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    I have great success with garlic, onions and leeks but find it impossible to grow broccoli and cauliflower, which I adore, they always bolt.


    Possible reason for them bolting - if they've had a drought during the early stages. if you're growing from seed in trays make sure they are thoroughly watered before transplanting and give the ground a good soaking once they are in. Keep watering daily until they are standing up strong too.


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