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Thread: can anyone translate this to simple words for me to understand

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    Default can anyone translate this to simple words for me to understand

    ... Insulin promotes uptake of circulating fats by adipose cells, but it is not the only way this happens. Dietary fats do not stimulate insulin... release, but they are taken up postprandially by adipose cells and then released between meals to maintain steady blood lipid levels. In any case there is always some insulin around, and insulin-driven uptake depends not only on insulin levels but also on levels of fat in the blood. So when you eat fat you get fat stored even if insulin levels don't change............

    This is the response I received asking a Dr on a forum who wrote "Fat doesn't need insulin to be stored" to explain this.

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    I think I'd have replied to it with huh? lol

    Ok I'm reading it that yes insulin does help store fat but eating fats isn't something that causes insulin to be made. Fats are used by the body to keep a steady energy level throughout the day. But as insulin is always around and fat storage depends not only on the amount of insulin the body is producing but also the amount of fat present in the will store fat no matter what your insulin levels are.

    I think that's what it's saying... if that makes anymore sense. I'm not sure on all of this. I thought insulin was produced in response to carbohydrates and that if we weren't eating carbs then very little insulin would be produced. The body then starts to use the body's stores of fat as it's source of energy. As my mum is diabetic and totally dependent on insulin injections, while she does take a long acting insulin injection no matter what, her extra injections with meals can be minimal or nothing at all if she eats no carbs.

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    I think the Dr should check his text books again.
    It's my understanding that fat circulates in and out of fat cells continuously. Insulin stops it leaving so there is a net gain in the fat cells. So it's not the uptake it promotes it's the getting out that it stops. I don't know if there is a base line amount of insulin in your body at all times, maybe? but I would question his last point "So when you eat fat you get fat stored even if insulin levels don't change" I wonder what his source is for this?

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    Think Zoe need to answer this one!



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