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Thread: Butter, Margarine or what!

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    Default Butter, Margarine or what!

    I do not eat any dairy products if I can help it. I have soya milk (I know the arguments but am OK with that); goats or sheep cheese, greek goats yoghurt and Bertolli olive oil spread instead of butter. So my question is - can I use the spread on bread, or do I still count it as a fat not to be mixed with carbs?

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    Deffo still a fat!
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    Should never put fats on bread as that's mixing! It would be best to avoid bread if you can as wheat is very addictive and the cause of many people's health problems.

    Why would you want to eat Bertolli olive oil spread when you could have good heathly natural butter?

    These are the ingredients of Bertolli spread:

    Contains: Lactose, Milk Ingredients
    Bertolli Olive Oil composed of refined olive oils and virgin oils, Rapeseed Oil, Water, Whey (from milk), Vegetable Oils, Buttermilk, Salt (0.8%), Emulsifier: Mono- & Di-glycerides of fatty acids, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Thickener (Sodium Alginate), Citric Acid, Vitamin E, Flavouring, Vitamins A & D, Colour: carotenes

    Its full of additives and chemicals!

    THD is all about eating as healthy as possible - your body doesn't need any of this!!


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    All the spreads you mention are fats so please not to be mixed with carbs.

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    And +1 for what Ruthie says.

    In phase 2 I think you can have extremely low fat Philly on bread.


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    I think you can get goats butter which would be the better alternative for you if you already have worked out you are fine with goats cheese.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    As the others have said your spread is definitely a fat so not to spread on bread until Phase 3.
    It's also extremely processed, the emphasis in THD is in eating real food so if you can't eat ordinary butter then the nearest natural alternative would be best.
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    Default THanks everyone

    Thanks for all the replies and advice. And yep I thought it would probably be a fat. I understand that THD is about healthy eating, but it has taken long enough to sort out that dairy was my problem. I like your idea Ysabel, and will see whether I can get Goats butter locally. We have a Goats Farm nearby sio I am sure they will know if I can get it.

    Managing to far and have cope with Phase 1 so now foer phase II!!!

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    I think most supermarkets stock St Helens goats butter so you can try looking in your local supermarket first.


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