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Thread: Greek Yoghurt

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    Unhappy Greek Yoghurt

    I had initially thought that full; fate greek yoghurt was allowed but i looked at the pack last night and it said 200g total full fat greek yoghurt had 20g of fat in!

    I've been eating around that everyday as its so yummy (don't worry its not a craving i can go without if i find out its bad etc)

    Its just freaked me out a bit and wanted to know whether i am right to be freaked out!!


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    Hi Minty,

    As long as it is not within 3-4 hours of a carb meal you will be fine!

    Remember - Fat doesn't make you fat - It is insulin that stores fat and the only way insulin is released is by eating carbs.


    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    Hi Minty,
    Full fat yoghurt is allowed but just not with carb meals!!! are you on phase 1?? if so then full fat greek yoghurt is fine!!
    Melissa - Fell off the wagon- trying to get back on track!!

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    YAY!! Thank goodness!!

    I'm in my second week of phase 2 and feelinbg GREAT, it just feels wierd to eat all the foods that for years i was told were bad bad bad!!!!

    I'm having it as a pudding after fat meals or brekfast with strawbs, so glad i can still enjoy it, i baught the Total one as i read on here it was good somewhere, and it is, LOVE IT!!!!!

    Lost 5lbs on ph1, 1lb last week and I'll find out on sunday my wieghtloss for this week!

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    Nice one Minty,

    That is good going!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    Well done minty , just forget the fat makes you fat myth!! I eat fat all the time and have lost over 5 stone and feel fantastic!! The total yoghurts are great because they are the lowest in carbs , keep up the good work xxx
    Melissa - Fell off the wagon- trying to get back on track!!

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    Congrats Minty on the weight loss! That's great!

    Authentic greek yoghurt is (almost) always 10%, unless it's reduced fat. I have it with fat meals, or mix it with herbs and cucumber to make tsatziki and have it with meat, mmm... Also tried Zoe's ice cream with greek yoghurt, cream and berries, it turned out so so so tasty! I couldn't believe ice cream could be made that way.

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    Fat is our Friend in this club. I hope you're enjoying the healthy and tasty food options.
    The truth is deafening, no matter how quietly spoken.

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    Hi Minty

    Im on my 4th day of Phase 1 - I too love the yoghurt too I have been buying Sainsurys own love it ! - Ive lost 5lb upto now - loving it it's so easy I think its just getting over the first few days and getting your meals planned - Looking forward to my new recipe book coming !

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    Thanks Guy's!!

    its so crazy, i think its cause i did the Alli diet pills for a while (oh my lord the side effects are horrible) and i lost about a stone on that in a month, but you have to avoid fat like the plague and as soon as i stopped taking them i just put all the wieght (and some) back on! NIGHTMARE!

    I don't even think this is a diet its just..... healthy... and Yummy. Me and my mum are doing it together, I'm 21 and she is... just in case she ever gets computer literate i better not say hehehe! mums lost 7lbs in total, we're both loving all the new recipies etc that we're finding like the pizza one as i'd never thought of using veg like that before!!

    My mother in law has now bought the books and is starting phase 1 on monday! I tell everyone cause its not just the wieghtloss my body is changing shape and i feel like the fat distribution is changing on my body even in just my third week! not to mention the fact i feel so healthy and alive!

    Just wish i could find a gym like this diet that i love hahaha!


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