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Thread: Greek Yoghurt

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    Hi there Minty!! I too was on Alli but was so scared of the side effects I never ate any fat, but only lost 5 lbs in a month and was lucky not to get any bad effects. It is strange to start with when you are suddenly allowed to eat all the fat you want!! especially when all your life you have been avoiding it!! but it is so liberating. my fave is pork crackling... for many years was scared to eat it , now I scoff it all ...YUM.

    Well done to your mum as well. keep up the good work xx
    Melissa - Fell off the wagon- trying to get back on track!!

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    [QUOTE=morenita;10277]Congrats Minty on the weight loss! That's great!

    Authentic greek yoghurt is (almost) always 10%, unless it's reduced fat. I have it with fat meals, or mix it with herbs and cucumber to make tsatziki and have it with meat, mmm... Also tried Zoe's ice cream with greek yoghurt, cream and berries, it turned out so so so tasty! I couldn't believe ice cream could be made that way.[/QUOT

    Hello Morenita , could you please give me the recipe of the ice cream you are talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Fat is our Friend in this club. I hope you're enjoying the healthy and tasty food options.
    ha ha - this reminds me of that bit in Finding Nemo 'fish are friends, not food'...... we should have 'fat is our friend' as a Harcombe Diet motto.

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    So can I get this correct, full lat yoghurt on phase 1 and then low fat dairy on phase2

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    Hi there!

    It's full fat or low fat yogurt with or as a fat meal and low fat yogurt with or as a carb meal. Same rules apply whether it's phase 1 or 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottiebronte View Post
    So can I get this correct, full lat yoghurt on phase 1 and then low fat dairy on phase2
    Full fat yoghurt forever. Whatever phase. Always full fat. UNLESS you're having a carb meal - then you would use low fat because if you are having carbs you want your body to use those carbs and have nothing left to store. If you give it fat at the same time it will use the carbs and store the fat, so you don't bother giving it any fat to store. (So a jacket potato with low fat cottage cheese or porridge with low fat yoghurt or fruit platter and low fat yoghurt (you can probably get away with berries and full fat as berries are low carb)
    Bacon and eggs followed by full fat
    Duck Breast would be full fat

    Hope this makes sense ....

    At all other times if you're having a fat meal you have fat yoghurt as the body will use the fat as it has no (or very very little) carbs to use.


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