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Thread: Newbie coming to the Harcombe Way - Advice?

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    Default Newbie coming to the Harcombe Way - Advice?

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Bex. I'm 30 and mom to twin boys who are 3. I work full time and as a result put myself last on my priority list all the time. I have been overweight pretty much all of my adult life. I spent the last year doing cambridge diet, twice. I did really well, got pretty much to goal but unfortunately had holidays and bad food and have been in a downward spiral ever since. I'm pretty much back to where i started. I'm cross with myself yet can't find the motivation to fix it. I have tried all of the diets, literally. I definitely struggle with stress eating, that much has become apparant over the last two months whilst my life has been a little crazy. I love to cook and generally (when i'm behaving) eat the right foods - my problem is that when i fall off, i really fall off.

    Harcome is new to me, my dad recommended it and i've half read the book at the moment and it makes a lot of sense. I'm hoping Harcombe will work as it gives options for when i do want carbs. So i'm psyching myself up and planning to finish reading the book to begin after Xmas. I know the first week will be really hard as at the moment i am definitely having problems with sugar, and i know i'll face awful headaches. But i really want to find something that works for me, with my food addictions, that i can live with forever. I am sick of fighting this battle, i want to feel good about myself....

    So i'm just after any advice please, is there anything you wish you had been told. Any motiviational stories you can share to give me the get up and go back, which right now, has got up and gone....

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    Also - is there like a proportion of how much of our meals should be fat meals or carb meals?

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    Welcome Bex. You won't look back now that you have discovered THD. The best advice I can give is to stick to the rules as it will be easier in the long run. Have you started phase 1 yet?
    "Whatever we are, whatever we make of ourselves, is all we will ever have - and that, in its profound simplicity, is the meaning of life." Philip Appleman

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    I would work on reducing your caffeine and sugar intake before you start. Having the usual pre diet blow out tends to backfire with this way of eating as it just makes it feel harder

    Keep reading the book and also plan your meals around allowable food that you love rather than forcing yourself to eat something you don't like! Keep a stock of cooked chicken thighs/drumsticks and boiled eggs to have to had should you need to snack between meals when you start.

    Take paracetamol if you need it to tide you over, the majority of people feel fab after 5 days - some take a little longer if the dieting history is quite bad.

    Big weightlosses in Phase 1 come from your body really being drowned by one of the 3 conditions as it will be water loss - if you don't lose a lot it may be that you dont have the three conditions, so dont sweat the numbers too much.

    Oh and lastly - take measurements!

    Good luck and welcome to the forums

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    Welcome and best of luck. This really works so stick with it and just watch the results.

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    +1 for what Ysabell said - I cut the caffeine before I started as I had fixed my start date ahead of time.
    It made a big difference when comparing other people's withdrawl symptoms!
    Enjoy the journey!

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    Welcome to the forums Bex, best of luck x

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    Always keep the long term goal in mind. This is a change of eating habits for life, not a quick fix. Over 3 years down the road I have almost forgotten what it is like to be overweight and have insatiable cravings for food. This diet really changed my life in more ways than I have time to write into this small post. I now eat what I want when I want, but what I want has changed, and when I want it is 99% of the time at meal times! If you really embrace this and go into it whole heartedly it will work for you and will allow youto be free of the food/weight stresses you have now for the rest of your life. However, if you choose to do this only half heartedly, it will likely just be another "failed" diet for you. I'm not saying you won't make mistakes or have the odd slip up on the way - we are only human after all - but if at the very next meal you pick yourself up and carry on with this way of eating the odd slip up will not hold you back.

    On a practical note, I lost the bulk of my weight having 1 carb meal a day and 2 fat (though it is a bit of trial and error to see what works best for you individually - we are all different). Occassionally i'd have and all fat, or 2 carb meals in a day if I felt like it. I have now found that I have naturally tended towards fat meals most of the time now just because that's what my tastes have changed to over time, but I do not actively avoid carb meals if I fancy it.

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    Hi, and a warm welcome. Twin boys aged 3... that must keep you on your toes!

    I've not been at this very long, but so far am thrilled with the results - almost 1/2 stone since starting on 16th November. It's that annoying last 1/2 too, with which I've had a long standing battle for a few years. Can't believe how effective THD has been!

    I agree re easing off on caffeine if you're not planning to start yet... I had a fair few headaches in Phase 1, and am sure it was due to this. Also, I appreciate that you're possibly thinking 'eat today, diet tomorrow' given that Christmas is almost upon us, but I'd recommend that you try and cut back on all visible added sugar, already.

    I look forward to hearing your progress once you do get stuck in - good luck & good management - THD is fab!
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    Hi Bex,

    I have been following THD since mid October and yesterday I reached the 2 stone off mark. It is so true what everyone has said that this diet changes your life. I can't explain how much better I feel since starting THD. Also don't underestimate the power of the forum. The support is amazing and using the search function has so far answered every question I have had. Also read read and read the book - each time I find that there is something I missed last time around!
    Good Luck - look forward to following your journey



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