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Thread: Phase 1, day 1, again

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    Default Phase 1, day 1, again

    Started my second round of phase 1 today. Fell off for about a month. I thought I had gained a ton of weight but it ended up being only about 3 pounds. I am poofy, however, and hope to see that go away soon.

    Food for day one were:

    4 slices of bacon, 2 eggs

    Lots of Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber slices and grape tomatoes

    Dinner was pork roast with steamed vegi's

    Snacked on a few baby carrots this morning to get me to lunch...

    Wish me luck! I will be posting meals for awhile until I get back on track!

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    Good luck! - Keep us posted!
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    Good luck!
    Just an observation about lunch - salad veg wouldn't keep me going till the next meal, add in some meat or fish to get the filling benefit of some added fat.

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    [QUOTE=Joro;224967]Good luck!
    Just an observation about lunch - salad veg wouldn't keep me going till the next meal, add in some meat or fish to get the filling benefit of some added fat.[/QUOTE]

    I do pretty well with a salad and I'm really ready for dinner when I get home. It was a really large salad!

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    Breakfast today will be Bacon and eggs again.
    Lunch is left over pork roast and vegi's. I did realize, to late, that the vegetable stock I used in the roast had Dextrose in it. I have to eat the left over's but am hoping it won't hurt to badly.
    Dinner tonight will be a large beef burger with red onion and a nice salad.

    Please let me know if you see something wrong on phase 1. I really want to stick to it this time!!

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    I agree with Joro. I would be starving and craving something naughty by mid-afternoon if I only had salad veg for lunch - meat or fish or boiled eggs would definitely be needed.

    Good luck though. Hope it goes well.

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    Thanks for the advice on the salad for lunch. I actually have a harder time getting from Breakfast to Lunch. Even with a big breakfast. I have about 6 to 6 1/2 hours between all of my meals. Some days are harder than others but so far it is going okay. I have been craving Chinese food! I miss the rice I think, so for lunch today I am going to make a vegi stir fry with a bit of brown rice. Maybe that will go away.

    Breakfast today will be coffee, Bacon and eggs
    Lunch will be with stir fry...
    TBD for Dinner. I have no idea just yet.

    Thanks for the support all. I really need it!

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    Breakfast today was coffee, bacon and eggs
    Had a late lunch of just left over pork. Took a long afternoon nap. My sciatica kept me up all night last night.
    Tonight will be a big fat steak and a salad, or steamed broccoli.

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    Day 5, phase 1. Weigh and measure day tomorrow. I feel much less "poofy" and my first and second chin have a defined line now. Heading in the right direction. I can't decide weather to add cheese or cream this week. We shall see.

    Breakfast today is bacon and eggs.
    Lunch will probably be the salad I didn't eat for dinner last night and left over pork
    Dinner tonight is roast chicken with a vegi.

    Wish me luck with tomorrow's weigh in!

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