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Thread: Hot Drinks and Socialising drinks

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    Default Hot Drinks and Socialising drinks

    I am still very new to THD managed to lose 10lb on Phase 1 am now on Phase 2 completing the first week today!

    I have almost stopped having hot drinks on THD. Decaff Coffee & Tea are strange without sugar but I dare say I'll get used to it occasionally. My question is I have been having the occasional Lemon Green tea, however it doesn't mention decaff on the box is this ok with THD?

    When out socialising which we tend to do quite a lot of, drinks are a real problem! Going into Pub or restuarant and asking for iced water is quite embarresing. I have been having tomato juice as there appears to be very few additives in it, but there is a miniscule of sugar in it. I know I can have a red wine on the odd occasion, but coming from someone who used to drink a few glasses of beer when out the red wine is gone too quickly. Has anyone struggled like this? Has anyone got any ideas what would be the ideal long drink other than water or soda water?

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    If it doesn't say decaff, it's likely not decaff - sorry! I couldn't give up sugar in brown tea, so have given up brown tea - my tipple is Twinings Nettle and Blackberry. Haven't had sugar in coffee for years...

    Re drinks out, I have bottled sparkling water almost exclusively - I'm not sure why it's embarrassing? Costs nearly as much per pint as beer! Tomato juice isn't too bad, I guess. My other choice is a cheat, but a fairly minor one - a small glass of dry white wine in a pint glass, topped up with soda. If asked if I want another one, I just ask for more soda - that way, you can make a single small glass of wine last all evening!

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    I have soda water - it's usually free in most pubs! and why is it embarrassing? Dont' be intimidated by others - it's your choice.

    tomato juice is equivalent to orange juice - i.e. processed and not the whole fruit, so not a great choice really. You are really early on with THD so I really would recommend not cheating with wine at this stage - you need to get further down the line before you do that, as it will undoubtedly stall your weight loss and also won't help you get on top of the conditions. However, if I have red wine, I ask for half and half with soda water too, as it lasts much longer that way. However I would reiterate to get out of the habit for as long as possible first - it really will make it much easier in the long run, and will maximise your weight loss.

    Oh, and green tea has caffeine, I'm afraid. There are loads of yummy fruit/herb teas that are naturally caffeine free, so you should be able to find something you like. Your tastes will change - I can't believe the change in what I am prepared to eat and drink now - it can take a while, but make it easier on yourself by avoiding the things that will make it harder to adapt!

    PS well done on your p1 weight loss - stick with it!

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    +1 for soda water with ice & slice in pubs & restaurants for me.
    I sometimes offer to drive too but I refuse to be browbeaten by friends into having alcohol when out.
    Why do they try to insist on me having it? It's as if I makes them feel guilty for drinking when I'm not! I love my g&t & wine but I want to be slim more.

    As for hot drinks I've been drinking decaff coffee for over 2 years since I started THD * never had sugar so not a problem. Can't drink tea with no sugar & sweetners are aspartame - a nasty in THD, so gave up ordinary tea. I drink peppermint tea now or one called Orange Spicer.

    Remember it takes 21 days to break a habit and much of the time we say we can't do something it's because we've got into the habit of doing it - it cash be changed.

    Good luck on your journey


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    I agree with all that has been said. It's really such a pity that so many of us feel embarassed for not doing what every body else does. I still don't see what is wrong with chosing sparkling water instead of a beer. I too would sometimes much rather have the alcohol, but not because of the fear of embarassment, but simply because it loosens me up and helps me be more at ease around people I don't know. I just have to learn to be more confident and not rely on "alcohol induced" confidence to have a good time. If that makes any sense.

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    I often can't drink alcohol due to medication so when I'm out I tend to go for soda water with fresh lime (get them to squeeze the lime juice into the water and then drop in the slice). Tastes as good as anything else non alcoholic imo and it's often free.
    3 stone gone forever! Gluten free phase 3.

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    I am teetotal and have been drinking sparkling water in pubs for years. Nothing to be embarrassed about - yours friends will get used to it and just accept that Steve is the driver

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    People like to put pressure on you if you're different. That's their problem not yours. If you stick to your guns from the start they'll stop going on and leave you to it. I always get pressured when out about desserts but I'm allergic to dairy and intolerant to wheat - despite know that these foods make me ill, my friends still pressure me like I'm being a spoil sport or something (why does what I eat or not eat ruin the night??). I ignore it now as I refuse to be bullied. They soon get used to it. If you don't set the guidelines now you will feel under pressure every time you go out. People get over it.
    "Whatever we are, whatever we make of ourselves, is all we will ever have - and that, in its profound simplicity, is the meaning of life." Philip Appleman

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    I'm with you Lizzi my best friend of 35 years has distanced herself from me because I don't drink as much as I used to and she drinks loads and is paranoid that I am judging her which i'm not, hopefully she will come round. I just can't understand why people can't be pleased for you, i've struggled with my weight for years and this is the first time i've been so dedicated. Feel like i've broken the yo yo'ing an that feeling when you wake up in a morning when you know you've had such a bad day of eating, doesn't happen anymore. I drink soda water with a slice of lime and the odd gin with slimline tonic

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    This is something worrying me too. I am about to return to the UK for a holiday and my brother and sister are huge drinkers, as I was before THD. I have hinted to them that I have really cut down and they have said that I will soon get back into it. I am starting to worry about it and decided to have a couple of drinks last night to ease myself back in. Woke up this morning and feel absolutely awful. I am going to have to be firm and stick to my guns.

    I used to drink at least 3 glasses of wine most nights, how on earth did I function??


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