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Thread: P1 Day 5 -2lbs, is this a too little?

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    Default P1 Day 5 -2lbs, is this a too little?

    weighing in this morning and realizing that it is only 2 lbs off I have mixed feelings, I am disappointed, but can't deny the fact that I don't ache under my left ribs any more and i am not bloated. I want to emphasize that i haven't cheated at all over the five days. Is it possible that i over eat as I am such a gready devil, who loves loves loves food?
    Please, I would love any support right now!
    Have a good day

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    I doubt if you're overeating. It's probably that you don't have any of the three conditions, which is nice for you.

    Just go carefully into Phase 2, read the sticky at the top of Phase 2, make sure you don't add too many foods too quickly. You'll probably find that it's in Phase 2 that you'll lose most of your weight. That's what happened with me, and many others have found the same. (I only lost 3lbs in Phase 1.)

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    Florallle is right and lets face it, 2lbs is 2lbs - better than gaining. Many Harcombers who didnt lose great amounts in phase 1 have gone on to do really well. Its the no mixing in phase 2 that really causes the fat loss that we're all after. If you didnt feel lousy in phase 1 thats another indicator that you've not got a real problem with any of the three conditions. Stick with it and forget the scales for a while.

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    Hi, well I only lost three pound in the five days I think it depends on how over weight you are.

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    I know that after reading the book in which you are told that you cxould lose up to 14lbs in 5 days losing 2lbs seems a bit of a let down. Try not to become despondent and don't think that real food doesn't work after all. It takes a lot of patience and, as the others have said, start introducing other foods nice and slowly. And this means one every 4 to 5 days. I know it sounds painfully slow, but this is your chance of really finding out what works and what doesn't work for you.

    I wish you all the best and hope that you will come to the forum every time you need support, want new ideas or just want to have a natter with a few of the "nutters" on here!

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    My loss was only small on Phase 1 but I really noticed fat burning effect quickly. Still losing slowly but happy with that. Don't worry just enjoy eating really well and knocking cravings on the head.

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    I give to you Lird!!

    Either 1 or 2 lbs in phase 1 lost
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