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Thread: The Blitz - Day 6

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    And so this is the end of day 6! What a fantastiscally hot and sunny day. I didn't do any of the exercises mentioned on the email, but I spent my afternoon in the sun with my boys reading books and chatting in the garden. No exercise beats that! At twenty to six we set off for a 40 minutes bike ride (I am happy to say I kept my bike on a tough gear through out!) which included going up and down a couple of hills. The three of us had a wonderful time.

    My meals today were -
    B - NLY with a few strawberries
    L - (very late at around three as I took mum to the airport) leftover roast lamb and Sally's chicken kebabs (the one marinated in NLY and spices)
    D - a very nice mixed salad

    Throughout the day I drank at least two litres of liquorice herbal tea made with sparkling water. It was deliciously refreshing and I already have another bottle ready for tomorrow.

    Tomorrow we're going to have lunch over at my friend's; she has planned a BBQ so I guess I will be alright with the food on offer. I know that pudding will be strawberries from her garden with cream. If I do decide to have the strawberries I shall skip the cream as she usually lightly wips it with a bit of sugar.

    I just can't wait for another hot, hot day!

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    A wonderful day. A friend who lives in Shanghai brought his new Chinese bride over for their London part of their wedding, I was not hungry before we went, so did not eat. I drank water quite happily, but got hungry and tummy rumbled, ate a small bowl of buckwheat noodles with chicken. Mistake in a big way. I now cannot sleep. My brain is racing. Cannot lay still. Got restless legs.

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    I can't sleep either... I cheated with some dark chocolate 85% at about 11pm and am now wide awake. I hardly ever have caffeine these days, so it does really affect me. Booooooooooooooooo.

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    Had a bad day yesterday. Had to do some baking for a friend and ended up eating 3 scones, sweets, and chocolate. On the plus side, I would normally have carried this on for a few days. However, being part of this 30 day blitz has meant I got straight back on plan this morning. And in all honesty, in the past I would have eaten a lot more, and then not been able to tell anyone because I was so ashamed. Feeling positive again.


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