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Thread: Anyone else following the 30 Blitz in New Zealand

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    Default Anyone else following the 30 Blitz in New Zealand

    Hi all,

    New to posting although have read lots, just wondering if there is anyone else in New Zealand following this 30 Blitz?

    would love a buddy to talk shopping etc with


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    Kiwi Girl



    Im in NZ. Didnt do the July Blitz, but started one this week!

    I started THD January last year and lost weight very quickly. Have put on a few pesky kgs this winter that I want to loose.

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    I am struggling a little bit, did the 30 day challenge but have come of the rails since

    Can you tell me which bacon and yogurt you buy ? i am finding it very hard to find things without added sugar. I think I am going to try the THD veggie for 30 days and see if that kicks starts me again. Although I read some fab posts yesterday about cheats, and maybe that is my problem, I have been having a little to much of the 85% chocolate ;(

    Can I ask where in NZ you are? I am back in Christchurch atm, but have been in Wellington for about 3 months.

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    Kiwi Girl



    I am in Auckland. I haven't been able to find any sugar free bacon in New Zealand yet.

    If I am feeling rich I buy - Hendersons bacon - its chemical free, but I am pretty sure it still has sugar in it. (I get this at New World and Pak N Save - cant remember if its at Countdown)
    Also sometimes buy Freedom Farms. Would like to buy both of these products more often, but they are so expensive. So I normally end up buying the kilo packs of Beehive Streaky Bacon.

    Yoghurt - I buy the pots of Cyclops with the green lids. Thick and creamy, organic yoghurt. - get this at Pak N Save, Countdown and New World.

    I get sausages from my local butchers that are Harcombe Friendly gluten free.

    I also unfortunately eat quite a bit of 85% choc.

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    I can't get sugar free bacon in belgium so I now just have a few slices of serrano/parma ham instead with my eggs.

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    Can you tell me which bacon and yogurt you buy ?

    As you live in NZ the best option for yogurt is Easi-yo - the natural or Greek style are fine. A lot of us here use the Greek - it is rich and satisfying and you can add berries for a good dessert.

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    Thank you for your replies, and sorry I have not got back to you sooner, but has been a little shaky here. Will try the Easi-yo this weekend. Have had better luck in the butchers now I am back in Christchurch, but love the Parma ham with eggs.

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    Hi from Napier

    Countdown here stock a brand of bacon called Colonial, it is sugar free. About $10.60 for 450g. You could ask your local supermarket to see if they would stock it for you.


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