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Thread: Exercise is optional, right?

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    Default Exercise is optional, right?

    I wondered whether there are people doing the 30-day Blitz who have firmly put themselves in the camp of "If I get the food right, the exercise doesn't really matter so much". Is that you? If so, it would be interesting to hear from you. How do you explain your point of view to 'exercise mad' friends? Maybe you just see as it as the icing on the cake (Oh No! Run! Wheat and gluten alert!) that is only for fanatics and those concerned with top performace, like athletes and sports(wo)men?

    Maybe you would choose to exercise if it was somehow easier? What are the obstacles for you?

    If you've been eating well and exercising this month, which of the activities you've tried so far on the Blitz (Whether or not suggested by Zoe or myself) have you enjoyed and found beneficial? If you've never dialled in your diet and exercise at the same time, have you noticed any benefits over tackling one or other on their own? Do you think you will be keeping this after the end of the month?

    Whatever you've got to say, I'd love to hear.

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    I love walking - but only to get somewhere. Walking for the sake of it is just no fun. I don't have friends to go with, or a dog - I walk for hours getting to the library, for example, walk to the recycling site instead of having my rubbish picked up at home, used to walk to work - used to cycle to work up to 20 miles in a former life when I lived in a country where cycling wasn't a sure way of committing suicide... Some of the (very little just now) work I do is quite physical, and I do a bit of gardening, too. I hate gyms and swimming pools because they insist on blaring loud music at you - which makes me want to scream in frustration! Not that I could afford either, anyway.

    Another point is that because of several falls I've had over the last few years I just don't dare go out anywhere too far away any more... I used to go for long walks, even on my own, but as you get older you get more cautious.

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    Double posting - first it wouldn't let me post, then it came up twice... Strange!

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    I am firmly in the camp of hating exercise, my dislike goes back right to childhood, at school competitive sports were my nightmare, I was always last to be selected for a team (even after the smelly kids! no offence meant but there were a few in my classes), I liked swimming until we had to dive in then I fell behind everyone else.

    Anyway I have grown up and grown big by being a huge couch potato, I , like Ina01 don't mind exercise for a purpose, like housework or walking for a reason like shopping or the like but as soon as I am doing it for exercise sakes.. forget it.

    I have 2 lovely dogs and walk them but I don't enjoy in unless we are on the flat and in a wide open space away from main roads. ie the beach or a nice flat field. As soon as the walk becomes challenging ie slight incline I am in distress.

    I seem to be able to keep up with others when walking socially but can never keep up with hubby on a walk he is 6'4" and I am 5'2" so there is a bit of a height difference and he is also mega fit.

    Excercise I used to enjoy when slimmer?? I loved dancing but didn't see it as exercise, I loved trampolining and swimming.

    Now I hate swimming as it ruins my hair and nails, see I am vain about that but not my expanding girth? what a hypocrite.

    I have bought fitness DVD's and none of them have ever helped, would quite like to try yoga but am too embarrassed to go.

    I have to say that what attracted me to the Harcombe... among many things was that there wasn't an exercise plan attached, I managed to lose 4 stone without doing a scrap of exercise but I am thinking that I probably started stalling because I needed to start some light activity to kick start my body and as I have said I am reluctant.

    All the exercise suggestions in this challenge have really put me off, at my current weight and this heat they seem impossible.

    Yesterday I talked myself into thinking you know what Caz just be happy and fat, act like a thin person, act like it doesn't bother you, life is too short to always be struggling, I went to sleep quite content. Then this morning I woke up and the realist in me had control and said Caz if you don't keep trying you will end up disabled by your size, I am not too far off that I think and I know I can't just give up, I still have to keep trying.

    I don't know what the answer if for someone like me but sitting around on my butt isn't going to get me where I want to be.

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    Hi Cazbah why not give yoga or Pilates a try? There are all shapes and sizes in a class (it's not all Lycra clad goddesses with full hair and make up). I always find that concentrating on the exercises means no time to think of anything else so you get a double hit of exercise and and a relaxed mind.

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    Hi Olly!

    I was always the unsporty one at school. I was overweight for my age & generally convinced myself that I was no good at it so why bother trying (my parents also have this attitude so I don't think that helped).

    When I finished uni I took up running & in 2009 ran the London Marathon before stopping running completely - think i'm a bit all or nothing!

    The blitz started as i'm a month into Mark Lauren's Body by You program which i'm really enjoying - basically primal style lifting heavy things. I have been using this month as an incentive to get walking again - always takes a bit of a dip when the weather gets cold, but now there's no excuse - have been popping the baby in the buggy twice a day & going for a little wander in the sunshine. Lovely!

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    I am also an exercise phone. I tried the exercise class thing, going twice a week in my lunch breaks but unless another colleague was going I was easily persuaded not to go, it was raining, no car, not enough time to walk there etc. To be honest, I have never liked it. I was hopeless at "games" at school (all girl boarding school talk), also last to be picked for the teams. Due to the 30 day Blitz I am concentrating at walking for at least 2 x half hour a day beyond my usual to and from train station walk. Not managing any of the other challenges, partly due to shoulder and back problems, partly due to my not getting pleasure out of exercise. So different from my sister Peapod who seemed to enjoy the tree challenge, ball games and hopscotch.

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    I like meaningful exercise, walk the dog, walk to work, walk in a lovely place even walk to the video shop to return the videos. I liked running when I was slimmer, need to lose a few more before I do that again and that was just because I liked that I could. I like to ride my bike to work but am not attracted to ride just for ridings sake. Swimming sometimes but not every day.
    I park at the farthest car park from any shop I am going to as a habit. I have been known enjoy fun dancing classes. I guess I am allergic to unsustainable exercise as it is really important to me to make sure what I do is sustainable and there is only so many hours in a day. I know if it is not fun I wont keep doing it.
    I was a fat kid who was not successful at sports so that was not something I got good at or that attracted me.

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    I like meaningful Excercise too. I love walking and walk to the shops everyday, and walk the dogs once a day. All in all giving me about an hour and a half a day. I am going to increase it when this hot weather subsides. Although Excercise does not make you burn calories, it does do other functions in the body good.

    I haven,t followed the Excercise in the Blitz because they are impractical for me. No trees around to climb and nowhere to play hopscotch!!

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    I've been a sporting nut, having played rugby, badminton and squash competitively and thoroughly enjoyed other sports for leisure.
    I've been a gym rat, wasting hours down the gym toning specific muscle groups and remain very active.
    Although, when I look back, i really enjoyed my competitive sporting days, the hours in the gym training were always a complete drag.
    Since reading widely and coming across people like Olly, i now enjoy just natural activity - walking, gardening, swimming in the sea (I hate swimming pools) playing in the woods etc.
    I would never want to replace my sporting endevours but I do wish that the knowledge that Olly is sharing was more widely available 20 or so years ago.
    I've tried most of the activity challenges, some have been more enjoyable than others - I loved Catch and tree climbing.
    The truth is deafening, no matter how quietly spoken.


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