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    Red face Help please

    Hi, I have been enjoying doing the blitz and in the first 2 weeks my husband lost a stone and I lost half a stone, but now I am stuck!
    My husband is on phase 2 and I am trying to stick to phase 1 as I have a lot to lose.But I have I am introduced some extras slowly and have added goats milk, potatoes and cottage cheese.....I have had no adverse symptoms except I've stopped loosing weight..... What should I do?
    I am concerned that if I stop the milk I won't be getting enough calcium....any advice welcome... I am thrilled with 7lbs off but have 6stone to go!!


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    Stopping losing weight is a symptom of intolerances, maybe it's lactose so try leaving milk out, you may be ok with yogurts and hard cheeses so can get calcium from that x

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    If it is a lactose issue you can get lactofree milk and cheese which is just dairy but without the sugar - full of calcium. Remember that tinned fish with bones has 4 times the calcium of dairy, if you are concerned.
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    What are you eating the potatoes with?

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    If you are extending phase 1 it's best to introduce the no mixing rule from phase 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babs View Post
    What are you eating the potatoes with?
    That's what I was wondering, if you have introduced dairy and potatoes you are definitely in Phase 2.

    Well done on the great results so far.
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    Have you Read Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight yet ? or any other of Zoe's books?? If not then I'd reacommend that you do that along with all the advice in the Blitz emails and here on the forum. It would really help to give more background/understanding to the how's and why's of THD.

    Well done on the loss so far !

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    Thanks for all the advice....i was having a potato with low fat cottage cheese and salad....i was just a bit fed up with the protein meals.....but I think I prob need to go back to strictly phase 1. Yes reading through the book now... I have also been very interested in all Zoe's daily comments...especially about medical reasons
    .. I have diabetes, PCOS, low thyroid problems and had a lot of stress in the past so probably cortisol problems...the weight took a long time to get on me so it's probably going to take a long time to get off!!

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    I'm sure you will get there gillymoof, this really does seem to be the best way to heal the body and the weightloss does come. Unfortunately you do have a few things going on that may make it a little longer than others. I have similar thyroid issues and suspect PCOS but avoided seeing GP about it!

    Good plan to go back to Phase 1 to give yourself another bit of a detox then it will be worth adding back the things even slower, one a week would be a good idea as in the first couple of days you can assess how it is suiting you then get a couple of days clean eating to remove it if there is a problem or you feel its not 100% right. Also treat the dairy as singular items not a whole group so do milk one week, hard cheese another, soft cheese another etc.

    It does take time and can seem a faff at the start but once you start to understand what your body can tolerate it does make things much less stress free. If only we were as simple as our menfolk eh!


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