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Thread: The Blitz - Day 30!

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    Default The Blitz - Day 30!

    So here we made it to Day 30! Still today to get through and then a look back to the past month.

    Except for not managing a second walk yesterday, I can score 10/10. Food wise was good. I shall test the egg intolerance theory today as yesterday I didn't have eggs, the scales dropped 700gms. Is this just a daily fluctuation? I was up the day before but had had eggs. Today's lunch is a frittata so we will see tomorrow morning.

    I have no found a better way to walk to work in the morning which doesn't involve the busy main street. As long as it is light I can continue doing this but Brussel parks are not the places to walk through in the dark and I now walk through 2 of them.

    I really liked today's mail from Zoe and Andy. Thanks to both of them and Olly for putting this Blitz together. It has certainly helped me to focus through this hot July and kept me away from daily ice creams! As I have mentioned previously I shall continue throughout most of August but I have a wedding coming up as well as 2 trips to the UK. And before you know it, the conference will be here and of course we all want to look glowing and healthy for that!

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    I just posted Monday's activities/food on the thread you started yesterday, Pris. So that means I've missed posting about how Sunday went. I gave myself a 7 for Sunday as I mixed (full fat dairy and banana) and didn't walk - though I did work in the garden for an hour. And I tasted homemade, natural lemonade I made for the workmen (tree guys...amazing to watch how the professionals climb trees without help from a hydraulic lift - just lots of ropes, and daggers on their shoes to grip the tree trunk with) which had brown sugar in it. One of the workmen kept commenting on how delicious it was and I told him it was because it was simply Real Food! I educate anyone and everyone whenever I have the opportunity. LOL.

    So now we all reach the finish line today (but there's a catch: it's really the starting line!) and I was really appreciative to read the last email of the Blitz from Zoe & Andy because it put the whole exercise into perspective and made me realize that the Blitz wasn't about abstaining from red wine for 30 days (which is how I started to view it!) but about developing new habits and trying new things and keeping the body guessing. I will have red wine again starting in August but it will be with a whole new attitude. No more cheap plonk! Only quality wine, in sensible moderation, and not every night as I used to do.

    Good luck everyone - this has been an amazing journey!

    Thank you Zoe, Andy and Olly!!!!!!!!
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    I've enjoyed the coming together of this 30 days. Although I didn't really partake actively, it was good to refocus on some of the key issues which made me want to eat this way in the future. I've enjoyed this particular thread Priscilla, it will be a shame for it to end. As an early riser myself its nice to wake up to a motivating post from you. Thanks for that.

    Good luck to everyone else in what they decide to do. For those who want to move on and try something else, just a reminder that we evolved to eat real food, its how our body functions best. I hope if nothing else, that is something you take with you.

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    Thanks Lizzi. Glad you enjoyed it. I'll do a last one tomrrow monrong.

    I certainly know I feel better when I keep off the sugar, but that doesn't mean I don't like sweet things but my taste buds have evolved and I couldn't possibly eat confectionary again or cakes with sickly sweet icing. I like the cake bit of a cupcake, not the gloop they put on top!

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    30 Day Blitz Statistics D1 D30
    Height 5ft 9in 5ft 9in BMI
    Weight 18st 4lb 37.92
    Weight 17st 7lb 36.29
    Waiste 49 47 -2
    R Thigh 27 26 -1
    L Thigh 26 26 0
    R Bicep 16 17 1
    L Bicep 15 15.5 1
    Neck 16.5 16.5 0
    R Calf 18.5 19 1
    L Calf 18 18 0
    Neck Round Head 26.5 26.5 0
    Chest 49 46 -3

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    Thought I'd better step on the scales and take a few measurements. See table above. I am going to stick to the new habits I have gained and ditch the old habits now removed. It would be good to carry on this thread it has kept me on track, I don't normally post much but love reading what you are all doing. I hope I have contributed in some way this time have a good day all Andrew.

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    Well done Andrew - that's brilliant!

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    Great set of viral stats there, Andrew! Well done you.

    I'll soon be sending out a simple questionnaire to get some feedback on the 30 Day Blitz and to collate some progress stats. It'll be really interesting to see what progress people have made.
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    I had a real blip in the middle of the Blitz but yesterday I fought my demons and won. Priscilla has started a thread asking for healing vibes for my mum as she was taken into hospital yesterday with a suspected stroke. It was me that raised the alarm when she didn't answer her phone at teatime. I spent a mad 20 minutes trying to contact someone - Vodafone is down on the Isle of Wight so brother and auntie were not contactable. Adrenalin was raging and the comfort eater within me would previously have eaten anything and everything it could lay its hands on.

    BUT - and for me it is the biggest BUT in the history of me -I recognised my hunger for what it was and rode the storm. It was painful: I was shaking, I was crying, I was hot and sweating. But I stuck it out and survived After a couple of hours I had a couple of chicken wings and a slice of ham as I had missed breakfast yesterday. I went to bed upset and mildly hungry but I did manage to sleep for a few hours after a midnight update from my brother. That in itself is a miracle as he hasn't spoken to me in almost 13 years. Silver linings? I hope so.

    So for me the Blitz has been about working on changing old habits. And so far it has been successful. I have spent the month deep cleaning my cottage, turning my laptop off earlier than previously in the evening, spending more time with my husband on date nights and picnics. Making an effort to live my life instead of just sitting in front of a screen. I have found a part time job which sounds just like what I was looking for. I have started knitting and am just about to cast off the stitches on a lovely scarf I have made this month.

    My weight may not have moved much and I may not have done the exercises. But I have made a lot of progress this month. So thank you

    PS the next habit I need to break is writing a full length novel instead of an 'in 50 words or less' post

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    a huge thankyou to Andy, Zoe and Olly

    this has been brilliant . i am happy to say even with a blip i have lost 5 and half pounds , i have increased my activity and thoroughly enjoyed playing games . I intend to stay with it and hopefully it will become 'normal' for me to eat , move and play this way .

    i have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the blitz a big thankyou to Priscilla for starting the thread every day and to everyone who participated . I have learned so much from everyone
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