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Thread: What is going on???!!!!

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    I've woken early (for me) and pottered around doing stuff before coming on here. Still feel kind of weak in the limbs but intend my usual eggs for breakfast, haddock and salad for lunch, salmon and veg for dinner and see if all that braces my strength back up. I'm pescatarian, haven't eaten meat for 43 years, only started on fish a few years back. I tried some chicken but soup was the only way I can face it currently.
    I'm considering getting a soup maker, anyone any experience of these machines please?

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    I have a soup maker and love it, particularly in the winter. Delicious cauli and broccoli soup in 25 minutes with virtually no effort. (It is good for other soups too!)

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    I've been on THD for years now, just dipping back in to break a few bad habits (quite a lot it turned out). I found early on that porridge left me feeling starving within an hour or two, but oatbran made with skimmed milk doesn't! So that's what I've been having most mornings for over a year now. While I've been doing the blitz I've found my energy levels with bacon and egg brekkie have been dreadful so a few mornings I've had oatbran made with no added sugar rice milk and found that gave me more zing.


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