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    . I have been on the diet since the beginning of April and have posted several times here about how brilliant it has been. So we are now just over 3 months in and I have lost a total of 21lbs to date. This is good news. I have generally stuck to it, with a few slips and cheats and don't find it a chore at all.

    Since the end of may, so about 6 weeks now, I have developed a skin rash, primarily on my back and my torso, chest, neck, tops of arms and tops of legs. Red oval or round patches of what look like rough skin and which itch like hell! I'm not one to rush off to the doctors but have been to see the GP as I was a bit concerned as I go on holiday to Greece on 2nd August and I would quite like to be shot of it by then.

    Anyway to cut a long story short the GP has so far given me two types of antihistamines (neither of which seem to be working) and Aqueous cream to put on as a cleanser before showering and then again when I get out. I haven't changed any beauty or washing products so it can't be that. The GP seems to think it is urticaria (hives) but I'm not convinced - it looks a lot more like Pityriasis Rosea which is a virus - maybe....

    Could it have something to do with the diet. I have been reading up on Candida die-off rashes and wondered if this might be the cause but it seems odd that it has only appeared in the last few weeks when I started the diet at the beginning of April.

    Can any of you clever Harcombers offer any advice as to a cause? And more importantly a cure!!!! If it is a detox issue I thought perhaps Milk Thistle might help plus I have read about Vitamin C in high doses and L-Glutamine powder (although I'm not sure what the latter does!). I am worried that sitting in the sun might make it worse and ruin my (well earned) holiday!

    Any help appreciated - even Zoe if you're listening!

    Jane xx

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    Hi Jane,

    sorry to hear about the issues you're having. I can't really help, just to say that if it is urticaria it generally comes & goes - my daughter had patches of urticaria that would come & go all over her body for about 4 weeks back in March (just after the new baby was born so we think stress related) and it wasn't like a permanent rash it would completely disappear after a few hours & then come back somewhere else after a day or 2.

    Hope you sort out the cause.
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    I don't know what yo say to you Jane, but you might want to post this in the 'ask Zoe' thread?

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    Thanks Linda's. I will repost in ask Zoe. I don't think it can be urticaria as it doesn't come and go! Xx

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    hi - I sometimes get a rash which unlike yours isn't itchy. the only way I've found to get rid of it is by using Selsun anti dandruff shampoo funnily!! it works really quickly though. I lather it up in the shower and rub it in for about 5 mins 3 times a week and within a couple of weeks it's gone!
    no idea what it is but have flare ups every couple of years for no reason I can determine. good luck with finding a solution.

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    My doctor diagnosed me with chronic idiopathic urticaria at the end of December. I had been itching in patches all over, but mainly abdominal and lower back, since late September.
    I had been taking anti-inflammatories and antihistamines long term for other reasons and they had not prevented it happening.
    I was put on a strong steroid tablet and cream for 2 weeks. The cream helped briefly on application but was only x2 daily, in extreme times a max of x3, so not a great help. There was no change to the condition at all.

    When the prescriptions finished I had no treatments for a fortnight, nothing changed then at the end of January, I went cold turkey on all meds, sprays and creams and strict on carbs with only veg unrestricted.
    A couple of weeks later I started using unlimited aloe vera for the itching along with bergamot and cedarwood oils in the bath and mixed with the aloe vera. (As recommended by good people on here!)

    By April, it had virtually cleared up. I now get the occasional itchy day and there are residual patches of very rough skin - a bit like fine sandpaper - which seem to be permanent.

    I don't know if anything "cured" it or if it just ran its natural course but I would certainly recommend the aloe vera gel and the oils for relief from the itching. The other oils recommended were myrrh and geranium which I'll buy to try out.

    I know this is very specific to me but hopefully you might find something in it which is helpful.

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    Hi Margot. I realise that it's a long time since July so I hope you got the rash sorted out, but for future readers of this thread I thought I'd mention that I had a terrible rash on my shoulder and neck after a month or two of being on the diet. After about a month of not being able to get rid of it I finally worked out that I had become intolerant to eggs after eating so many as part of my new way of eating. I'd been having them every day for breakfast as well as occasionally having things like quiche. Once I cut out eggs my rash went quite quickly. So, if it doesn't go away by itself it might be worth checking to see if you have built up an intolerance to something.


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