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Thread: Update - am I really hungry?

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    Default Update - am I really hungry?

    Am still trying to answer this question with confidence. Have been trying to ask myself before eating if I really need to. On three days each week, Monday , Wednesday and Friday I try consciously to rest at least 16 or more hours between eating. Find late morning a bit wobbly but keep going and find by five Iíve forgotten about food. Realise eating is sometimes just a bad habit. I miss the eating, Iím not feeling hungry. Previously working shift work and having to eat when you are given a break teaches you to eat when you are not hungry. The feeling of an empty tum is not necessarily a sign to eat. Find if someone else is in the kitchen cooking something that smells tasty it presses buttons for me. At least I know Iím being tricked by this. Just glad I donít live above a food shop. Will press on and review again later.

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    Good luck. Learning to understand the messages from your own body after the sort of programming the working day has imposed on you for years is a great way to get the most out of THD.
    Gilli - DLTBGYD but more importantly KCHO

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    Interesting Josephine.

    Sarah (from the forum) once wrote - "Ask yourself if you are hungry enough to eat a hard boiled egg. If the answer is yes, go ahead. If not - well, that's your answer!" I find that helps to decide if I am really hungry or not.
    Sue - the first "no thank you" is the easiest


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