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Thread: Salisbury - need some help with analysis

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    Default Salisbury - need some help with analysis

    Meant to ask this yesterday.

    After a big event say like a war later there is an increase in the death rate or say cardiovascular events increase.

    Were there any later health repercussions in Salisbury. Not sure how to look these things up for myself. Possibly the event regarding the poisoning was too short to have a marked effect.

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    I am no expert, but with five people injured by the novichok poisoning event and high levels of fear in the population but only in the short term the repercussions in Salisbury seem more likely to have been political [and perhaps procedural] rather than in health directly.
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    I think there will be a devastating CVD increase following the COVID fear and stress...
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    Are you seeing any trends on this already in your health service trust area, Mat?
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