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    Think the organisers were impressed with the numbers of those following. Noticed Zoe, Garry Taubes, Trudy Deacon and Dr. Jen Unwin were following too.

    I have another stats thing to ask.

    Think it was in the bit about salt and the”J” shaped curve relating to amount of salt and mortality. We seemed to be advised
    that there was a fault with the compilation of this and therefore should ignore what it seemed to imply. Please accept the spirit
    of what I am asking rather than the refinement of accuracy. Would like to understand the critique around this. I note that some of the panel members seem to have accepted research that could appear flawed.

    Think Dr. Unwin made some very good points in his characteristic gentle but effective way.

    Can anyone recommend any good books on research, stats or the like. There is a needy receptive person here.


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    Unfortunately because I was asleep while these were running I've missed out. Sounds great.
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    The Salt Fix by James deNicolantonio is worth a read. It is available on amazon.

    I watched the salt presentation yesterday and was left with the impression that several of the presenters had fixed ideas. Knowing that what he called ldl cholesterol was a risk for CVD went hand in hand with salt being a cause of hypertension. One of the presenters acknowledged that high levels of salt excretion may be a marker rather than a maker for disease.

    Despite comments in the side panel, no-one touched on the issue of high carbohydrate diet and salt metabolism.
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    This abstract came to my attention this morning. It seems to say that having too little salt increases insulin resistance in otherwise healthy people, which seems to be a less than optimal state of affairs.


    I have a few things on today, but will have a look at the freely available sites to see if the paper is always behind a paywall.
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