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    When I asked a research nurse I met by chance “I don’t understand why I’m loosing weight” (after all I thought we ate healthily) the reply was a spontaneous “you are not eating carbohydrates”. This was pre THD. And so began my search and I found Zoe. Can’t believe I made such an important find. Since then I’ve learnt more about statins , cholesterol, CICO. More importantly I’ve come to realise how trusting and naive I've been. That realisation I had when as an eight years old that I was responsible for myself totally, holistically, has come full circle and faces me like looking in a mirror. As a child that was hard. Now I’m “grown up” I have to stand up straight and make my own decisions.

    I’ve been wondering as I (and others, some in white coats) could miss such an obvious truth re metabolism, what else has been missed? What other medical advice should I question. Without getting political, did I have the right to raise my eyebrows at Prof F or Dominic C. As adults sometimes we get it wrong, sometimes we get it right for all sorts of reasons. Think it was Einstein that said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result equals insanity. I must make MY own decisions but I can’t do or read all the research before making a decision. My sister said “from now on any mistakes I make are going to be mine and not those made for me”. I thought you might be interested in what I found on YouTube this morning.

    Tony Robbins and Sir Michael Levite on, The truth about mortality rates.

    Stay safe today and tomorrow.

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    I like your thinking Josephine. I have been making my own mistakes for many years now and thriving on it until lockdown! I felt the withdrawal of my privilege to choose very keenly.

    Thank you for the link - I saw this interview in May and found him inspiring.
    Gilli - DLTBGYD but more importantly KCHO

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    Thanks Gilli.

    I’m still getting used to this method of communication. Am going to go back to the new members section and review what to do.

    The link was great. I listened this morning. I have been reminded you ask six scientists a question and get seven answers. Have been so glad to follow the information and reasoning Zoe gives us. So many people even those in white coats seem to have a problem with critical thinking.

    Reflecting on what’s been happening in recent times seems to be In some way a reflect of what happened in the 70’s.

    Another saying “what we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history”.


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