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Thread: Is ACE ace? Handkerchiefs as Christmas Presents may be?

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    Default Is ACE ace? Handkerchiefs as Christmas Presents may be?

    Some while back Dr. K wrote some info about ace inhibitors whilst acknowledging there were pros and cons to their usage. This has been discussed among other low carb medical practitioners. From what I understand blood pressure medications ending in ďprilĒ can contain them. Seemed to me these drugs put out the welcome mat/please come and stay to a number of viruses not just Covid-19. (Autumn/winter seems a time to welcome the flu season). By the time Iíd cogitated and decided to review with my G.P., lockdown had started. He hadnít heard about the possible problem so couldnít advise on the best course of action other than hand washing and isolating/social distancing. If I chose an alternative medication it might make my ankles swell. An acceptable compromise in my books. Having been sneezed all over on various occasions and folk coughing openly in my direction Iím keen to take precautionary measures.

    Had a chat to the pharmacist expressing that I hadnít been warned about this possible difficulty with ace inhibitors. She conceded that it would be wise to know (which she didnít seem aware) and referred me to the paper guide that comes with all medications. Some may need a magnifying glass to read it, all eight pages in small print. No mention of possible increased vulnerability to viruses made unless having had an organ transplant. I did look at the NICE Guidelines. Not recommended for amateurs.

    Am a bit disappointed that having lost about 5 1/2 stone and getting a one off blood test saying Iím not insulin resistant that my blood pressure still needs medicating. Well the best thing is to continue with my new lifestyle and see what happens.

    What have others experienced?

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    [I take an angiotensin receptor blocker which I wish to change from when this lockdown is over, as I decided to try to find out why I had a perpetual cough, and yes that I'd one of the side effects, and then of course I read the observational studies on BP meds and covid virus outcomes and both Ace inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers seem to make for worse outcomes. But then I ask myself were there other confounders, obesity, diabetes, ex smoker, dark skinned living in northern latitudes, and of course old age?

    After losing 21 kgs my dose of the angiotensin receptor blocker has dropped from 32 mcg to 8 mcg, whenever I got a repeat script he tested my BP and said lower dose, I also have a monitor at home and whenever I find I'm dizzier than normal checkit and if it had been persitently low, went back and we agreed on a lower dosage. I suffer swollen legs so I've been taking both BP meds and diuretics since I was 34.

    So perhaps buy yourself a BP monitor and start checking your own BP, then you have ammunition when you u see your GP,
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