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Thread: Cholesterol: A new game player accelerating vasculopathy caused by SARS-CoV-2?

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    That is fantastic news Stephen.
    One is too many a thousand not enough.

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    That must be a huge relief.
    Dear Stomach,you are bored,not hungry. So shut up.

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    Are you feeling better Stephen?
    Gilli - DLTBGYD but more importantly KCHO

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    Yes thanks Gilli.

    Just been for a walk. Had to be very careful though as it's very slippy out there.

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    Pleased you are well enough to go for a walk.

    My daughter (lives near Rainworth, Notts) drove yesterday at 7.45am to buy a few food items at a supermarket and she said the car slid a couple of times. She has to drive down a couple of hilly roads.

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    I’ve just been for a walk, roads are very slippery round here! Got to drive in a bit.

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    seems to me that the Drug companies will jump on any bandwagon to promote their wonder drug and mass medicate the whole population, if they can get away with it. My GP has the wife on massive doses of the statins and she suffers some of the reported side effects as a result. as her carer i will not allow them to prescribe me the same, and i have all my physical and mental faculties still. next wonder drug is the Covid vaccine, which the drug companies admit only has 70% effectivness? so us the over 65s will be the new guinea pigs for yet another drug which will bump 25% to 30% of us after injection. all because the real problem people are the no maskers and no distances and hand washers, it took me a week to convince my local surgery to wear masks when we visited, i machined several dozen 4 layer cotton masks, the best you can do except surgical 6 months ago, better protection than the paper ones being worn by most. my cholestrol is "high" good job, i eat two boiled eggs a day plus meat at meal times, if high cholesterol is good enough for the chickens to grow healthy, its good enough for me too.


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