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Thread: Iím puzzled it doesnít quite add up

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    The bank works 10-2 Mon to Fri to protect its workers (who have always been socially distanced from their colleagues and work behind screens). The local and larger supermarkets 6am- 11pm Mon-Sat, 11-5 Sun. Variable use of masks by staff and shoppers. Minimal use of hand gel at the entrance. The London bus service in London near enough 24/7. Some staff use masks but enjoy contact with their sometimes maskless colleagues. Numbers allowed on the bus vary (restrictions on numbers). Have to use public transport. Windows not always open despite public service announcements to encourage this. The exit/entrance doors are left open when stationary. The reception staff at the surgery do not wear masks. When queried was told they were in a bubble. I tend to shop late evening say 8pm or use the open air market.

    I enquired from the shop and transport staff. The supermarket was short of cashiers due to staff sickness. The underground had 25% drivers off sick. There had been a lot of staff off sick in hospital in March 2020 but much less now. The manager in active practice with client contact had never been off sick. How much absence is due to sickness, shielding, childcare difficulties, fear, possible contact with those affected by the virus I donít know. Hospital clinics shy to open the windows.

    My question is how can I balance the number that have tragically died with the fact that I and my family havenít caught anything? Some have caught it by being returned from hospital to care homes affecting the vulnerable. Caught it as inpatients having been screened negative prior to admission.

    It was very sad to turn the corner in the evening and be confronted with a long socially distanced queue of people waiting for food from the food bank. Never seen anything like it before.

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    Thing is Josephine is that you probably will never be able to balance those figures. Neither will anyone else. Why did my husband, who shares the same bed as I do, not catch it when I had it? Probably because that's just the nature of a virus and our individual responses to them.


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