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    Folk have helped me on the bus by lifting the base of my heavy shopping trolley. Some have moved seats, moved children, gone upstairs so I could sit down.

    The local what’s app group collect food from locals to distribute to food banks. Another group offers near out of date food for locals to collect to use themselves. Support refugees living nearby. Offer baby/child items, tools, furniture for those interested rather than waste. Share parking vouchers. Check on neighbours if an ambulance has been seen outside.

    The security guard in the local small supermarket always makes sure my husband is ok, points him in the direction of bargains and enquires after me.

    The sun is beginning to shine from behind a dark cloud.

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    Lucky you. And I mean are fortunate.
    On buses, I've often been left standing while younger folk stare at me, and children sit. I'd rather stand than sit in close proximity to another person, but it gets me down sometimes. Luckily my ride is quite short.
    Dear Stomach,you are bored,not hungry. So shut up.


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