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Thread: Dark Chocolate

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    Thumbs up Dark Chocolate

    I have made some observations when buying my dark chocolate, When buying your chocolate always look at the carb content even though they may all be the same percentage of cocoa , the carbs can really vary, Here is a good example, I use to buy the Lindt 85% dark chocolate, its about 1.59 for a 100gm bar, The carb content is 19gms for 100gms of chocolate, I then started buying the Sainsburys Taste the difference Extra Dark chocolate bars, they come individually wrapped there is 5 in the packet, each weighing 25gms each little bar, now in 100gms of this 85% there is only 19.2 gms of carbs and only 14.2 of those is sugar, so that means each little bar has only4.6gms of total carbs!!! I like the idea of the 5 small bars as you know exactly how much you are eating and it tastes delicious .

    Have a look round and see what the lowest carb chocolate you can find is , just make sure its for 100gms though and then post your findings :-)

    Today I decided to melt the Lindt chocolate and add some orange essence to it and it was delicious , tasted like terry's chocolate orange only better, you can experiment with other flavours.
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    Melissa - Fell off the wagon- trying to get back on track!!

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    What good advice Melissa. Will definately check the labels on my favourite bar!

    Thanks again x

    Marie x

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    i was looking at the carb content of lindt 85% on computer yesterday and it said for 40g it was 8g??? 4 squares

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    Hi Mel, & thanks ever so for your input, but unfortunately the labelling isn’t too clear on the Lindt choc bars. Just underneath where it says Australian Nutrition Information it states Servings per package 2.5 Serving size 40g, then underneath that in small letters it does give 2 columns, one detailing 40g & the other per 100g. It can be confusing reading labels! I often have to read ‘em twice!!
    I’ve raided my store cupboard (I buy in bulk, you never know when an emergency arises!!!) and have compiled the following and provided all carbohydrates & sugar totals in 100g bars & 25g bars (although not all come in miniature sizes, but wanted to show the comparison by quantity)
    Please note the following lists, details the lowest carb/sugar content first (therefore the best option for those watching their carbohydate intake.

    Dark Chocolate carbohydrate comparisons per 100gm:
    1 Lindt Excellence 90% cocoa ~ 14g carbohydrate. of which sugar 7g
    2 Green & Blacks Organic 85% ~ 15.7g carbohydrate. of which sugar 12.8g (see link below as not specified on bar *)
    3 Lindt Excellence 85% cocoa ~ 19g carbohydrate. of which sugar 14g
    4 Sainsburys Taste the difference 85% cocoa ~ 19.2g carbohydrate. of which sugar 14.4g
    5 Moser Roth (from Aldi 99p for 5 x 25gm bars) 85% cocoa ~ 21.4g carbohydrate. of which sugar 14.9g

    Dark Chocolate carbohydrate comparisons per 25gm:
    6 Lindt Excellence 90% cocoa ~ 3.5 carbohydrate. of which sugar 1.75g
    7 Green & Blacks Organic 85% ~ 3.92g carbohydrate. of which sugar 3.2g
    8 Lindt Excellence 85% cocoa ~ 4.75g carbohydrate. of which sugar 3.5g
    9 Sainsburys Taste the difference 85% cocoa ~ 4.8g carbohydrate. of which sugar 3.6g
    10 Moser Roth (from Aldi 99p for 5 x 25gm bars) 85% cocoa ~ 5.4g carbohydrate. of which sugar 3.7g
    I tried to find the nutritional content for the Lindt 99% (unsuccessfully) but did find this link which is very informative regarding dietary information, melting & freezing tips, caffeine content & other frequently asked questions, worth a read!

    Hope this helps, Allie x
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    Quote Originally Posted by susan View Post
    i was looking at the carb content of lindt 85% on computer yesterday and it said for 40g it was 8g??? 4 squares
    Yes Sue, it's actually 7.6g of carbs, of which 5.6 are sugars per 40g.

    Please check out my reply with 100g & 25g comparisons. Like you and Mel, I'm seriously watching my carb intake at the moment, and as chocolate is still an occasional treat this needed serious investigating!! Where chocolate is concerned I was happy to indulge!! xx

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    OH Well done Allie, Thanks so much for finding all the info, thats really helpful .. Thank you x
    Melissa - Fell off the wagon- trying to get back on track!!

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    I knew my store cupboard would be put to good use one day!! Just need to get someone to eat all the other non Harcombe friendly junk! I am getting my family into it, gradually without them really noticing!!

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    Default Strawberries and orange chocolate


    The dessert on your blog is wonderful - how many people is the quantity you give meant to serve? I should have asked this question before I ate it all!!!!

    Thanks for the idea. Golfergirl

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    Hi Golfergirl !! glad you like the desert, the quantity is just for 1 or 2 people..:-) I ate it all too ...yum
    Melissa - Fell off the wagon- trying to get back on track!!

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    Smile Thanks Melissa

    Melissa - thanks for the comeback - and quickly too! This is certainly one thing I shall be repeating. Cheers + all the best

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