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Thread: Dark Chocolate

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    Question Never mind te carbs, what about the caffeine

    Hi all,

    Really enjoying the new HD eating regime (it's not a diet - implies dipping in and out).

    Anyway - to the point - read all the threads re chocolate but I found out that there is caffeine in cocoa, the darker the chocolate, the higher the caffeine content. I don't want to get too intense as I only have the occasional square as a 'cheat' but I am now a little confused as to whether or not I should be more concerned about the carbs or the caffeine (or neither). If I eat chocolate in phase 2 after a carb meal, will it impact my weight loss.

    Can anyone clarify please?

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    Default Bother

    I had some 90% Lindt last night and the night before - the first time since starting THD. I always ate good quality chocolate before THD but not that high a percentage.

    By bedtime I had the headache from hell - like I'd been drinking red wine (which I gave up long ago because of the headaches) - and I've still got it this morning. Migraine tablets are slowly starting to impact.

    Are there common elements between red wine and chocolate? At this rate it's just not worth eating chocolate and that makes me a bit sad.

    fidget with a thumping headache

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    Am I just lucky?
    Don't have a problem with chocolate but had quite a bit of trial and error to find one I liked.
    I used to eat the lower Lindt ones before THD but don't like the 85 or 90, Green & Black was no use either.
    Finally I found Tesco's Finest Swiss 85% - perfection!!

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    Fidget I had a small quantity of chocolate at the weekend, about 4 squares had an upset stomach and headache, but I had also had some fruit so thought that might be the culprit. I think I just didn't want to consider it might be the chocolate. Yesterday again I had a couple of squares, got a really sore throat and a stuffy nose, finding it a bit tricky to breathe through my nose. Had a drink of water and it seemed to ease. Abit later (still in denial about chocolate) I had another square, and immediately sore throat, stuffy nose and a terrible headache, which I ended up going to bed with. Woke up this morning without the headache, but not the clear head I have started to get used to in the mornings! So like you I think chocolate is a problem for me, or maybe the caffine. DH bought me a coffee at the weekend and went deaf when I asked for decaff and got me caffinated. I ended up leaving it after a couple of sips as it was too strong and I was convinced I could taste the caffine in it (Is that possible?). I went and bought another coffee, decaff this time and it was fine.

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    AFAIK, Caffeine is tasteless and odourless. After months of having decaff, I can tell something contains caffeine by the way it affects my brain - It happens very quickly and I feel light headed!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    Thanks folks. I'm still feeling rubbish. I had one square the night before last and three squares last night. I commonly had 70% green and blacks before I started THD so maybe I'm just being too ambitious in trying to keep the carbs low. I don't know. Beverley - I too have a stuffed up nose but it's the "red wine" headache that's so awful. It's like a hangover but without the alcohol, if you know what I mean. Years ago I used to try to enjoy red wine for DH's sake, drinking it alongside a glass of water etc but I always ended up with the same grotty feeling in my head. But not with my beloved chocolate!! Once this headache has gone (I think I'll have to go to bed when DD is in pre-school this afternoon) and I'm feeling brave again maybe I'll try a small amount of 70% in a week or two and see what happens. Or maybe not.


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    Hi all,

    A very interesting topic of discussion. Whenever I have had my dark chocolate - which I really can't have, as I can't stop at one square, but that's another story.

    Anyway, I can't get to sleep, I toss and turn and after reading your threads, feel it is the caffeine. I did think it was maybe the carbs, but now am sure it's the caffeine.



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    I try a square of the black chocolate every now and then, but must admit, that ALL chocolate has no appeal for me now - its the texture, its not creamy to me, its sludgy and I may as well just 'spread' it on the insides of my mouth and tongue, as thats where it stays - theres no taste, and I cant even smell it...grrrr ! wish I could ! I'll not bother in future..I just dont buy it any more.

    ( I used to love those Cadbdurys Caramel Bars - but. no. no. no ! cant even have a little taste of those ! )

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    I always had a soft spot for Double Deckers! I shudder to think what is in them!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    Ummmmmmmmmmm!!! Double Deckers - my absolute favourite!! Haven't had one since xmas but can't say I really crave them now.

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