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Thread: Don't Wash Your Hair!

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    Wink Don't Wash Your Hair!

    After a bit of banter on the forum, I have been challenged to a new experiment. Mat has challenged me to not wash my hair. He claims he doesnt do it and that his hair is now in better condition than ever. Having read lots on the web, I have decided to take up his challenge and have stopped washing my hair. I wash it in water and stimulate the scalp, removing any dirt/grime but no products are used. I think this is all in an attempt to be like our previous ancestors and my quest to be a true cavewoman!

    This is one of many articles that I read online:

    Anyone else want to join me???
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    I used to work with a guy who hadn't washed his hair in more than six years. It was shoulder length, soft and fluffy and the envy of a lot of the women on the team.

    You have to be strong willed to get through the first few weeks but after that you should be fine.


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    Yay - I think that short hair is easier to manage from the outset - You'll be fine Lizzi!

    (I'm probably gonna get punched in Manchester! )
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    I've just read your link Lizzi - it seems to work for brunettes but not blondes. You should be ok.

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    I have very long hair and only wash it once in 2 or 3 months anyway, longer if I don't use conditioners etc. A very thorough daily brushing is more important than washing for me.
    I live in a very rural area and find that if I spend a few days in a city it gets filthy so needs washing when I get home.

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    Gosh my hair is so curly that it dreads itself if I don't comb it through whilst wet or leave it dirty for more than 4 days!

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    My husband rarely washes his hair (uses water some days though) and if he does wash it he uses soap?! His hair looks fine all the time though whereas I wash mine everyday (now in organic, chemical free shampoo) and it looks proper manky by the next morning - it does wake me up to wash my hair though.
    Hope it goes well Lizzi - we'll see in February...

    Marie x on my way, size 12's here I come...

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    Can't wait to see you in Manchester Lizzi & No I won't be trying this one !

    I used to get ear infections as a child and couldn't wash my hair for a while. It was long and got very horrible, very quickly.

    Good luck

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    Absolutely no way am I joining in this experiment! I have fine, thin, lank hair at the best of times and it looks like you could fry an egg on it in the mornings. Even my hairdresser was shocked when I went to a morning appt without washing it. I'd always told her I had very oily hair but I usually have hair appts after work so my hair has been washed that morning. She couldn't believe how flat and lank it was after sleeping on it.

    I have heard that if you leave it long enough it becomes self cleaning but I don't beleive it and have known people who have tried it and found it doesn't work. It might stop getting as oily but the oil already there isn't going to disappear. And if you live or work in a city, you will get all sorts of grime and car fumes in it, not to mention cigarette smoke. Yuk!

    I will be interested to see how this pans out though and whether you actually last a week without washing it. I missed a day over new year as I got up late and couldn't be bothered to wash it and I felt horrible all day.

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    Yes the first couple of weeks will be the worst and at least with long hair you can tie it back. I'm hoping that because I'm doing a very healthy diet, I've always used organic products and I have no hair dye/product in my hair it won't take long for it to start balancing itself out. When you read about when shampoo was first invented and all the side effects it brings, you suddenly don't feel so averse to the idea. I read some people don't even use soap to wash as the skin eventually cleans/deodorises itself. These people are normally men but when you think we must have all been like it at some point. Any takers now???
    "Whatever we are, whatever we make of ourselves, is all we will ever have - and that, in its profound simplicity, is the meaning of life." Philip Appleman


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